Agencies and P R consultants,
Thanks for the visit, really glad to know your interest in UpMarch Ad systems. This opportunity is open for active Ad-agencies and PR consultants as well as to all those wish to venture into the sunrise industry of advertising.

UpMarch the system offers multiple involvement platforms, each marketable trough multiple involvement and presentation modes, which result in multi-dimensional returns possibilities.
Even with this much possibilities, UpMarch is still an easy to participate business opportunity.

UpMarch though has a simple to associate with network marketing core, its network propagation may also be conceived by providing useful advertising services  locally or even on national scale, helping self to also build an ad company in the process. For those already in operation ad businesses, UpMarch is an opportunity to penetrate deeper and to build new clients by offering unique ad packages.
Participating business enjoy excellent pre-profit and focused ad coverage. In the process, network gets auto-propagated by subscribing to ad services.

Advertising is big money business. Innovative marketing ideas that in the long run, could help to position the brand well, as well as penetrate the target segment deep, resulting in much better ROI even on short run are welcomed with open hand by the business community.

Why innovative?... Its necessary since much of the ads happen within a small available 'exposure' bandwidth.. like, couple of newspapers/mags, three or four cable channels people regularly tune in to etc.

Most advertisements simply have lost its 'interest' value to consistently 'retain' consumer attention. Recent studies establish existence of this 'lack of interest' and other negatives beyond doubt.
For example:
People spend around 30% less time reading newspapers than 15 years ago.
In case of television, ad times is now synonymous with remote click time! 
Hoardings are faced with rush hour dilemma, not enough time to actually study or see and register the ad.

This lack of 'ad-attention' among others, is the reason why large parts of the ad spending go down the drain. Big and small businesses alike are desperate for alternative, innovative avenues to curtail this lose.

UpMarch has couple of embeddings which businesses effectively use to stretch their ad budget by also utilising cheaper available options on the same or similar media they have been traditionally resorting to, all while, being on the green from the day go with 'pre-profits' this unique system offers.

The UpMarch ride, among others, is well supported by successfully tested ad_channels which are adapted well by small corner shops to retailing majors worldwide, like... coupons.

In UpMarch coupon system, participant business associates/agency's clients actually make upfront profit from the sale of coupons/items embedded with their ad!
UpMarch EnCash coupons have notable benefits stacked in favour of the coupon buyer. It can have additional interesting ticklers included to grab buyer/user interest further and motivate them to purchase it. Here sales, simply happen in large numbers. Included offers from the participant businesses too may have a positive impact.
Worldwide, coupons now have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Apart from making a direct profit, business clients also build lasting goodwill when involve as a 'SPONSOR'. Then again, generate excellent traffic to their outlet/business since coupons may be embeddable with their promotions like...
Sponsor's discount-card / gift-voucher / early-bird-offer / treasure-hunt-invitation / lucky-dip-token / elite-membership-card / clubbed-purchase-scheme / part-sponsored-purchase-offer / shop-visit-pack.. or any other strategic offers as conceived by the ad-agency that engage with that business associate.

Advertising agencies of all size and individual PR consultants can play key roles and gain substantial mileage by integrating UpMarch ad-systems into the offer mix for the clients.

AD agencies/consultants may involve as simple sponsor linking entities or on an upgraded status, as the independent local coupon system managers.  Participants are complimented very well in this system.
  • For coupons sold in sponsor mode, full active agency could receive up to around Rs.3/coupon + incentives. By handling multiple clients [sponsors] and with possible 100s of executives pushing coupons for each one of those clients,  result in sizable direct income daily credited to account from sale of coupons itself.
  • Sponsor's Public_Gate_Pass is included in each coupon. Ad agency key person/consultant, being sponsor's up-line in UpMarch network system, also enjoy heavy up-line multi level income. Its passive networking at its best.
  • Since each sponsor invest [and re-invest from profit] good amounts in advertising, even the normal agency commission extended by news papers and other participating media would be a significant chunk.
  • As the case may be, accommodations may have to be provided to the  marketing executives promoting coupons, a brokerage income potential is there from the landlords.

Its easy to understand, for all those involve with UpMarch as media associates, even on the basic mode, enjoy the benefits offered by a multi layered system and the growing network.
Then, shift focus and present the benefits of UpMarch EnCash coupons and other ad systems to local businesses, this enable the associate to earn superb regular income from this front, this will also provide with further business opportunities to tap on to the network in auto build mode which passively generate remarkable multi-layered income streams.

With so many positives stacked in their favour, its easy to bring in many big time business owners into the client network and make them participate as sponsors. To small enterprises, present 'coupons direct' mode first.

Here are some of the activities individual consultants and agencies involve in and profit from...

  • Introduction of UpMarch Encash coupons to businesses.
  • Introduction of Multilevel banner ads to businesses. [ See Tutorial ]
  • Helping businesses in publishing of displays & 'wanted' like ads.
  • Support in interview & motivation of sales executives
  • Facilitating salesmen accommodation for participating businesses.
  • Interacting with local direct marketing organisations for tie-ups.
  • Direct sales of coupons without sponsor/ads. [Own Gate_Pass]
  • Marketing coupons trough shops/department stores. [Also shop's Pass]
  • Help to make tie-ups with local FMCG distributors to market coupons.
  • Make tie-ups with other ad agencies/their clients. [multi-level income]
  • Present co-branded Encash coupon fundraisers to non-profits/clubs.
  • Involve with student community. Coupon as pocket money generator.
  • Introduce coupons to various marketer networks. [eg: Medical Reps]
  • Make tie-ups with shops to supply coupon as 'free with buy' offer.

Each and all of these activities open up many direct and indirect profit avenues to the consultant/agency... all while network gets build automatically in passive mode in the background.
Coupons can be custom created for each offer types and client requirements.
[example: In 'Free With Purchase' scenario, coupon price won't be mentioned, only UpMarch redeem offer price (Rs.50/-) and participating business's offer is mentioned.. and since in this case, there is no sponsor, charity or executive pays to make, coupons can be supplied with minimal price].
Business associates 'sponsor all the marketing expenses' or 'produce and market coupon directly' are two marketing modes used to push coupons. The sponsor route offer extensive reporting to the participant sponsors, charities that get involve and also offer more ad agency returns per sold coupon, we  recommend ad agencies to present 'coupon direct' first to local businesses, as it is easier to deploy and present.

Actually EnCash coupon system is so flexible, this few involvement modes outlined do not fully justify the real potential of this marketing platform. Even those few coupon centered ad strategies won't be a full list anyway as UpMarch has more ad tools like multi-level banner ad, co-promote etc.
Many more ad systems are in the pipeline which agencies can capitalise.

Pushing many thousands of coupons result in regular credits to own account.  Since, each of these coupons sold are embedded with participant business associate's public gate pass, the agency, being the introducer receive up-line benefit.
Those at the agency also laugh.. all the way to bank!

Do feel free to contact for a fuller picture.
Call 09495963920 for any immediate clarifications.

Sunil Kattathara
coo, Deanlurell [Owners of UpMarch]

Follow this link to understand this ad system from a business owner [sponsor] perspective. Its easy to pinpoint some sales points there, make this useful. Find more about coupon direct here, again, from a business owner  associate's perspective.


Do follow this link to register the ad-agency, participate, its free here. Only requirement to register the agency is being a media associate. a Deanlurell Enterprise