Welcome charities & non-profits,
For charities and non-profits, UpMarch has added a support mechanism were  participant businesses that use UpMarch coupon ad system can opt to select a charity organisation to share the proceeds from the coupon sale.

For charity/non-profit organisations,  this is a good opportunity to gain useful and regular funding on auto pilot.
Additionally, with free display space allocation for participant charity on EnCash coupons, it also offers a cool public relations arena for the non-profit on which catching captions/message can be presented to the public. This could result in increased donations and appreciation.

Instead of sponsors already in the system opting to include the charity, charity organisations also can take initiative to bring in businesses they have relations with as sponsors and even negotiate a bigger chunk of daily sale. System UpMarch is easy to present as a unique ad opportunity for the businesses. Do find some excellent points on the page focused at Ad consultants.

This participation is a beautiful way to ensure regular funding without sponsor business alone directly stretching their recourses to support the charity.

Charities can also make use of coupons directly as coupons are proven fundraisers. Excellent, useful reporting is embedded into this system to download reports in spreadsheet/text format.

Do follow this link to register and to access reports.


Team UpMarch


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