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UpMarch encash coupons are acclaimed as one of its kind public relations tool by top business managers. An original idea with social commitment of businesses as its prime pillar. For your clients this is a unique PR opportunity that will generate an upfront returns for them. Yes, profit even before the power of 'Ad' reflects on to their core operations. The concept is also useful in extending support to many charities and foundations. Businesses apart from enjoying immediate returns for their micro investments, the coverage and exposure 'value' the sponsor business enjoy is very much more than any normal 'Advertisement' could generate.
Participate, its going to be the biggest public relations coup for your clients.

Businesses participate by sponsoring few low cost classifieds and small displays in already popular newspapers etc. These classifieds are actually a much cheaper option of the media they have been using all along ... Since your high profile client's opted classifieds need not include their business names, there is no brand value dilution for them.

Your client actually sponsor their own team building. Building a sales team that sells coupons and other items embedded with their ads/discount offers, charity support ads etc..

Business, while enjoy excellent coverage from ads on the coupons depicting them as 'SPONSORS', a share of coupon/item sale as returns means, immediate upfront profit for the clients even before effect of promotions reflects on to their business. For Ad cos/consultants while promoting this coupon ad system this, the upfront profit, is a superlative sale point to stress at presentations.

Also as after effect of promotions, your client's business enjoy increased customer traffic... All this, with satisfaction of lending support to valuable charity fund raising in parallel.

This coupon discount/ad system is closely integrated with UpMarch network system. Though a fully web enabled platform, UpMarch is easily marketable offline as well. There is NO 'member fee' like pre-investment to make.  Ad agencies enjoy superlative multi channel and level exploding returns.

All the coupons sold also have sponsoring businesses' UpMarch Public_Gate_Pass embedded 'discretely', this will result in auto build up of their UpMarch network. The participating Ad co/consultant in their up-line, the resultant multi layered returns will further fatten your as well as your client's bottom line.

This is the new way to advertise your client's business, something new to present and since client enjoy a 'profit' for advertising their business which could 'fund' more ads! Ad consultants too enjoy increasing benefits.

An effective report engine is attached to this system. You can download coupon sales daily report, how much you have earned. The sponsor business, in addition may download reports on how much the charities they are supporting have earned, details of executives responded/working due to the ads they sponsored etc.

If you know any better, strategic and satisfying public relations initiative.. don't bother to proceed, otherwise, do register. Its free too.

See you again. Have a nice day


Important: Agencies commit to handle the direct sale of coupons should allocate an employee [or self] to conduct daily data entry. Authorised agencies may register an employee for this purpose. The data entry employee will be able to access the form using the link
Employee thus can be directed to the relevant page without touching agency admin page.


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