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What is En-Cash coupon/card - FREE MONEY CHALLENGE?

EnCash coupon has an EnCash code, which upon submission at site, adds up a value higher than the coupon's sale price to user a/c as redeem refund. Its UpMarch challenge to associates to be productive and start earning from the system UpMarch at the earliest. Since more is redeemed than what coupon buyer paid for, its our FREE MONEY CHALLENGE. 

EnCash coupon/card is also a 'FUNDED PROPOSAL' enabler.
The concept of funded Proposal solves the two major challenges faced by most network marketers [And Marketers!]:

  • Not enough money (to go on with the business and has to terminate their business prematurely)
  • Not enough prospects (to share the business opportunity with as they use up their warm market very quickly)

‘Funded Proposal’ is based on finding and warming up new prospects with a low-priced front-end product or service. Thus, funded proposal is about, instead of running around a few to make them join the network business  [Direct recruiting into an MLM system is considered bad and a pyramid trademark!]. Here, associates simply let the prospects to take the decision to call back by up-selling the warm-up items like, EnCash coupons.

EnCash coupons have many advantages tucked in for its buyers to get motivated to try it, whether in executive direct sales or in an on shop merchandise marketing scenario.
Coupons have enough info in it about UpMarch business opportunities, so  after coupon purchase, a channel opens up for further interaction and many among these prospects join the network pouring in a network income for the associate. However, even if they don’t, UpMarch media associates would already have earned some upfront money to sustain the future contact efforts.

Among those advantages that trigger coupon sale are...
Opportunity UpMarch, the '0' join fee business & income opportunity.
Higher than what paid for cash redeem offer from UpMarch for each coupon.
Offers from participant sponsor businesses. Multiple sponsor sub-coupons.
Credibility and satisfaction of being part of charity fundraising.
Useful free digital books on subjects like 'Grow Bonsai', a money opportunity. Seamless integration of multiple online and offline opportunities.

Cheers to the team who dreamed of this 'up-sell' approach! But, Team_UpMarch is unstoppable and has ensured users/buyers of the warm-up items to receive a better than equal returns always. UpMarch FREE MONEY CHALLENGE is one such example. The buyers of EnCash coupon/card while pay, say Rs.*30 to purchase it... could redeem it to add a higher return# to their pay cheque for network returns, like Rs.*50 returned instead of Rs.30. i.e. returns more than what user paid to purchase the coupon as prospect.

*Example: Different coupons carry different values.
#A higher return is guaranteed and appear on EnCash coupon/cards as 'Assured EnCash Value'.

EnCash coupon/card in a B2C scenario.

Building a team for 'door to door' direct market is the best example for a B2C scenario. EnCash card is an attractive coupon with tucked in swatch with EnCash code, Entry Gate Pass etc.

Its usual for network marketing companies to collect a hefty member fee first, then only allow members to purchase and participate.
At UpMarch, the Gate_Pass allow the user to access UpMarch 'activearea' free, No additional join fee needs to pay to become a customer and then based on customer credit status, as media associate.

The EnCash coupon/card with interesting looks and conveyable benefits to cite is a proven item to be sold like hot cake even in cold call conditions. For associate involved in its promotion, direct or trough team managing, its daily beefing up of the account kitty.

For associates involve in as sponsors, coupon offers regular fund inflow + report on coupon marketing team performance + uninvolved and automatic network team building and returns + superb multi channel advertisement coverage for sponsor's core Brick-N-Mortar business.

To view sample EnCash coupon/card, click here.

EnCash coupon/card in a B2B scenario.

Tie-up with direct marketing companies which could already have many field executives. Deploy a group to promote EnCash coupons/cards. This is an apt B2B tie-up. But, enterprising associates can mimic this and go for it on their own with sponsor support.

UpMarch Ad tools offer a 'no investment' small business/corporate liaison work opportunity for the participating media associates. This is the first step in building your highly profitable advertising agency.

For media associate who opt to establish own Ad Co, by pinpointing system  advertising capabilities, strategies to regional business, its double benefit in the pipeline, excellent agency returns when the coupons are sold + an exploding multi level network and income when coupon users/customers use the gate pass from coupon at UpMarch lobby and proceed to become 'activearea' customers.

Here, as an Ad consultant, instead of making any direct investment, associate rope in mostly local businesses to a DM campaign promoting EnCash coupons with participant sponsor shop's discount offer. Thus, apart from UpMarch offerings, this EnCash card is 'also' redeemable at the participating shop/business along with any purchase there. Thus contribute excellent shop traffic. This unique coupon Ad campaign, with sponsor shop's embedded gate pass, opens up multiple profit streams for the participant shop/business.

This is a brilliant public relations strategy for the participating sponsor/shop/business because...

  • Shop's discount offer is a good loyalty builder for the shop/business.
  • Could offer multiple benefits by allowing reuse of shop coupon.
  • Since a 'Funded Proposal', its 'profitable' marketing from day one.
  • Cards may be 'sold' as UpMarch object, no brand dilution for shop.
  • Shop will profit from additional customer traffic from coupon ad.
  • Shop owner profit from building an UpMarch MLM business in parallel.
  • Shop owner enjoy direct profit from the sale of EnCash cards.
  • Businesses with 'MARKED' Commitment' enjoy FREE M-L- banner ads.
  • Option to support charity, generates lasting goodwill for sponsor.
  • Good word of mouth Ad coverage even while coupons are not sold.

That's a sizable array of benefit for the 'business_owner/sponsor'.

There is option in the EnCash coupon/card system to bring in established direct marketing firms to conduct the actual coupon pushing. But, its more remunerative when associate build own team. Building a door 2 door marketing team is comparatively easy with prevailing Indian conditions using cheap classifieds, sponsor support funding etc. More than usual response may be expected because of short term immediate return potentials and long term career building opportunities system UpMarch provides.

Door 2 door, shop merchandising etc. are among many modes available to promote EnCash card.

When sponsor is present in a campaign, based on their commitment status, EnCash cards/coupons can be custom created to suit their business profile.

Media associates liaison with  businesses to promote business  advertisement/offer embedded EnCash FREE MONEY CHALLENGE coupons may borrow more strategic benefits to present from this page.

To view sample EnCash card with ad, click here.

Associates interested in liaison work and businesses interested in embedding their ad in EnCash card, do send a request to

Alternatively, one can also directly register by following these links below.


Media associates may include data on FREE multi level banner ads in  presentations to convey the benefit it offers to the participating businesses in building brand value. To refresh, click here.

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