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Being a socially committed business organisation, UpMarch, the multi-dimensional advertisement platform is turbo charged with useful apparatuses,  thus enabling participating businesses while enjoying the fruits of excellent advertising and investment pre-returns, their participation at certain level are also programmed to indirectly support charities and non-profits, enabling these non-profits to enjoy much more than regular funding as shown below...

Benefits for the participating charities.

Enjoy a part of the coupon/Item sale proceeds of item groups were any charity registered in this system is invited by a sponsor or allocated by Team UpMarch to participate.

Excellent promotional coverage from being displayed prominently on the coupon/Item.

Better local public standing because of being publicly supported by prominent business houses, on the coupon/item.

A '0' cost participation for non-profits as marketing expenses are being sponsored by local businesses and the platform support, coupon specific redeem value etc. are provided by Team_UpMarch.

UpMarch coupons may be pre-embedded with sponsor agreed charity allocation. A viable strategy allowing sponsor business to effortlessly extend support to many charities and foundations.

An effective report engine is attached to this system. Participating charities may download earnings report by simply logging into the online control panel.
Charities and non-profits may also adorn the role of sponsor or negotiate a better deal with businesses they have contact with to enjoy full or part of sponsor benefits too. sponsor info available here

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