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UpMarch EnCash coupons are acclaimed as one of its kind public relations tool by top business managers. An original idea with social commitment of businesses as its prime pillar, allowing them to effortlessly extend support to many charities and foundations. Businesses in return will not only enjoy immediate returns for their micro investments, but also the coverage and exposure 'value' the sponsor business enjoy is very much more than any normal 'advertisement' could generate. Participate, its going to be the biggest public relations coup for your business.

Businesses enjoy multi-channel benefits for simply sponsoring a few low cost 'WANTED' classifieds and small displays in already popular newspapers etc. that are being used all along... The appointed marketing trainees will primarily market coupons embedded with sponsor's ads and discount offers.

EnCash coupons with its 'higher than paid for' redeemable value and with a  unique business participation opportunity offers an apt interface to tap on to the fragmented, unmotivated customer base and it also facilitates the involvement of even hundreds fresh marketing hands on agreeable terms. Many Thousands of business discount coupons in public hands means huge buildup of motivated, ready to convert prospects and increased shop traffic.

Businesses enjoy a share of coupons/items sale, which means immediate profit even before actual effect of promotions reflects on to the core business, quite unlike any normal advertising. System also fecilitate highly effective 'word of mouth' public relations for the participant business, even in those executive sales efforts were coupons are not sold.

While as after effect of promotions, the business enjoy increased customer traffic... along with that, the mental satisfaction of also supporting valuable charity fund raising is definitely immense. This also result in generation of lasting goodwill.

As all the coupons sold have sponsoring businesses' UpMarch Public_Gate_Pass embedded, this result in auto build up of the participants UpMarch network [with no xtra effort & discretely]. The resultant multi layered returns could compliment the ad budget or even fatten the organisational bottom-line.

Coupons are a widely accepted motivation builder in all the developed economies. Its a bullion dollar business. UpMarch coupons offer much more than any of those simple cousins. This is the new way to advertise.
Yes! here business owners ENJOY PRE-PROFIT for advertising the business!

The report engine attached helps to download detailed sales/earnings report, how much the supported charities have earned, details on performance of executives, report on campaigns/ads the business sponsored etc. All in easy to comprehend and ready to reuse spreadsheet format.

Businesses may add foundations/charities/non-profits etc. they closely interact with and would like to extend support for. Charity registration form links ... HERE.

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