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What are active and passive states of Gate_Pass?

Let's consider this example: Customer A made a purchase of Rs.550 'this month', courier a DD immediately, order got processed and became eligible to register as media associate, does that in a day . 'A' got 1 full year "Active" life in a single stretch.

Customer B purchase for Rs.300 this month,  and plan to purchase for another 300/- after 4 months. Here B is not eligible yet to register as associate until he reaches the 'Base Order' level, so only becomes eligible after 4 months of making first purchase, that's 4 unproductive months wasted.
Also customer B's pass become "Passive" after 8 months of his 2nd purchase, since, already 1 year has passed since B made his first purchase and after that, there is only Rs.300 to his credit which is less than the required Base Order of Rs.500. 'B' gets only 8 months of  "Active" life.

Here B has to make a re-charge purchase to keep his pass active.
While A's Rs.550 worth purchase is good enough for one full year, B has made a total purchase of Rs. 600, still got only 8 months of active life!

Media associate gets credit from the network only as long as their Public_Gate_Pass is in "Active" ststus. Same filter is enforced while associates expand as sponsor or ad-agency or distributor...

When an associate's downline visitor uses a "Passive" pass, that visitor will be allowed through for 1 more year but, the media associate who issued that Gate_Pass won't get credit for bringing that visitor in.
Once that associate re-charges with another purchase, as long as the base order level is maintained, commission will continue to pour in.

One may summarize the situation like this ...
The eligibility period for  customers 'Base Order' is for 1 [one] year. As stipulated in the agreement form, a base order is a purchase worth Rs.500 [Or More] by the customer.
Here customers has every right to make a purchase in whatever quantum required by them since, there is no obligation on the part of customer to join as a media associate. But, if the customer has any plan to participate as a media associate, he/she may opt to make purchase up to 'Base Order' level in a single shot as it will workout to be more advantageous and convenient for the participating associate. a Deanlurell Enterprise