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How to use the associate graphic button with my existing web page?

This is for those media associates with own web/blog site.

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to productively use cyber real estate to generate additional income. Web masters of high traffic sites were able to make decent returns from their net endeavors by integrating web banners and buttons linked to their principal third party sites. But, the system of affiliate marketing has certain inherent limitations.

Foremost among affiliate system limitations is regarding its limited market possibilities. Its effective and works only online. But, the second one is more of a serious kind, web masters lose large amount of income due to affiliate link trimming.

UpMarch, while has included an affiliate marketing model for its associates to profit from, has also addressed the issue of link trimming and eliminated that leakage possibility. Moreover, with its gate pass system, associates were able to market UpMarch products and opportunity both online and offline with equal ease.

UpMarch provides two types of link buttons.
1] Button code with provision to add associate's Public_Gate_Pass. this button can be linked directly to UpMarch lobby.

2] A static button with associate's personal data included to the link URL and directed to Insta-Page. A link to the page where details on buttons usable with Insta-Page [Your instant web page] is given below.

At UpMarch, actual tracking begins only after the visitor submits the media associate issued Gate_Pass. Since this happens ON site, it is not possible for  that associate's referral credit is bypassed as in normal affiliate link buttons.

The Gate_Pass system thus is very effective in ensuring that the credit due to the associate is passed on. Moreover this Gate_Pass system allows much more flexibility in adaptation of various marketing modes.

UpMarch graphic button adds this extra Gate_Pass layer, which in effect, is very much like entering a security turing number to stop form spamming.

A visitor at associate's site, instead of simply click-follow the button link, will copy the Gate_Pass and follow the UpMarch graphic button. At UpMarch, may simply paste or type referring associate's Gate_Pass.

View the sample button below.

Add Pass Here

Active media associates may copy the button code and paste it on to their existing web page. Web page can be edited using any text editor.

Open web page in a text editor [even Win Notepad will do]. Type in a MARKER [like 'BUTTON here'] where you want the button to appear. Copy [Ctrl+A to select all, then Ctrl+C to copy] the button code. button code may be collected from the box below. Select the 'BUTTON here' marker text and REPLACE it by  pasting [Ctrl+V] the copied button code.

Now '> WITHIN <' the newly pasted code, select the text Add Pass Here and replace it by typing associate's real Public_Gate_Pass, the pass media associate create during associate registration.
Then save the web page file [Ctrl+S] and re-upload.

Now apply it... 'click' within the text box and copy the associate button code.

UpMarch media associates has an array of standard size web banners and buttons to select from. Follow this LINK for more web banners.

SSL enabled Web sites could show error while accessing the remote button image. For that, right click the button image above and 'Save Image As' asso_button.jpg in to a local folder.

Also edit the button code, src="" to a relative link based on the web page into which this code is being added and its images folder, like images/asso_button.jpg. Upload the edited web page to 'home' and the button to the 'images' folder [as in this case]. That's enough. a Deanlurell Enterprise