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What is Base Order?

UpMarch with its Gate_Pass system allows our media associates to participate in UpMarch network marketing program and promote networking both ON-line and OFF-line with equal ease. Media associates are also supported to be able to operate real world businesses like advertising, direct-sales, distribution etc.

No membership fee needs to be paid to participate as media associate but,  only those customers with a 'Base Order' of  minimum Rs.500/- to their credit with in previous 12 months are allowed to participate. Only those e-book orders placed at active shopping area [activearea] will be evaluated by the system for network commission calculation and associate participation eligibility.

This conditional entry to the network module help the system to filter out spam registrations. For participating associates, a regular stream of returns as the associate network income is calculated on actual shopping cart sales and not on how many associates were brought in or recruited.

Orders for promotional items, funded proposal enablers like EnCash coupons, advances and payments for advertising and managing promotions in third party media like news papers, online ad systems like Google AdWords etc. are not considered as orders placed at activearea, these are handled separately. 

This separation help active associates to build other solid businesses separately and open-up different income streams by indulging in business activities supported by the system. a Deanlurell Enterprise