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What is binary plan, why UpMarch network module do not follow it?

Many Multi Level Marketing companies around the world follow this popular 'commission for pair' system. Basically it works as follows:

                  A1L   A1R
            A2L               A2R    

Let's say member 'A' gets a stipulated commission from each level whenever member 'A' brings in matching pairs on both sides.
Suppose there is a 20% commission and sale is Rs.500, for bringing in 'A1L' into the LEFT leg of the system,  'A' should get Rs.100 as commission... but will get that only when 'A' also bring in 'A1R' into the RIGHT leg of the system. Then 'A' will get Rs.200 [100+100]

Now, let's say 'A's business is growing and more join as downline ... but 'A' has only a limited opportunity to make the network grow in a mathematically balanced manner. This is especially so when 'A's downline member 'A1L' or 'A2R' etc. start building their network.

Ok, now suppose 'A' has 30 people on the left leg and 120 on the right leg... so 'A' has brought in a total of 150 people into the network and that much money into company kitty but, in a binary system will get commission only for 60! [30+30 matched pair].

Out of Rs.15000 commission due, 'A' gets only Rs.6000! and the effort, investment and time to bring in 90 customers went down the drain!
Companies following this binary system is more or less indulging in day light robbery than conducting reasonable business.

UpMarch on the other hand follow a straight forward commission structure system were if you as our media associate brought in sale from 150 people, you will get commission from all that 150 sales. No pair lock issue, no commission lose!

At UpMarch, there is no income ceiling either. You get what you have earned weather it is Rs.150000 or Rs.250000

UpMarch also supports a super wide team build. Power players can hit heavy and build a super wide first level team in no time. If a 10% of that team become reasonably active, a six figure returns won't be a big deal!

UpMarch also has a real time associate reporting system integrated where detailed report will be available on sales, payments, commission etc.

Unlike many MLM systems, at UpMarch, an associate need not wait for the reports to be delivered to your email or snail box. Here, associate may login using the associate username and password to access these reports in 'Real Time' 24/7!

Moreover UpMarch integrations like EnCash coupons, multilevel banner ads etc. allow associates to operate other real world businesses and still more, efforts in those businesses will reflect on to the networking business! In the process, auto build huge multi-level networks and income. a Deanlurell Enterprise