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What's working in "Real Business Mode" and how can I build my network all across India? 

Generally network marketing business develops interacting on a one_on_one basis, attending seminars, meeting targeted prospects, inviting them to the meetings...its lot of effort... fruitful... but, effort spent locally.
A media associate may duplicate same strategies to promote UpMarch downline too.. but, at UpMarch, an associate is not restricted to these alone.

Most systems are restricted to one_on_one network marketing as a mode of propagation and again restricts the number of warm prospects available, this some times result in strained relations...
UpMarch being mass marketable, there won't be any shortage for prospects!

Unlike any multi level marketing system in operation today, UpMarch  do not insist on a friends and relatives circle marketing as the first and foremost marketing mode. Because of its unique modeling, associates involve in this like any other normal business and able to promote both one-2-one and to 'mass'. UpMarch, has a flexible system in place were both personal and impersonal marketing can co-exist.

A housewife who has to be at home, promote UpMarch without leaving her place!
She does this by resorting to classifieds in news papers and by promoting in Google AdWords the landing page she received with the e-book she ordered and downloaded. She also participate in many forums, run blogs, advertise in free and paid classified sites, list in yellow pages, Orkut, Facebook...

An insurance advisor use 'personal' route.
When this insurance advisor estimated, more than 75% of his present customers already fits the profile as prospective targets to join as media associates, he contacted them on a one_on_one basis and not only generated a good conversion but also got opportunity to be regularly in touch with his downline who also happened to be his insurance clients. This helped both his media associate and insurance advisor businesses to grow exponentially.

An ex-medical rep use UpMarch apparatus multi-level banner ads as the main vehicle to build his network.
By concentrating on local businesses like jewelers, textiles, placement organisations and many more, bringing them downline and conveying the benefits of participating in ML Banner ad system and of course other ad systems, its as good as a joy ride!

A hording contractor fills up vacant timeslot with UpMarch link, with his Public_Gate_Pass displayed loud!!
A simple 10x4 flex banner displaying site name 
and his
along with another banner, the normal vacant time slot ad announcing
'space is available'
with his
mobile number.
As simple as that!

A bank employee prints 10000 small leaflets and distribute it as news-paper inserts. With his Insta-Page link and cell number.

A PG student sticks 150 Photostats near his college and many other high traffic areas, announcing a new job opportunity. But, promoting his own blog site link. His blog carries UpMarch links to his customised Insta-Page.

An internet cafe owner puts up small table-top ads, mini stickers and computer screensavers to promote his network among his customers.

UpMarch, even the basic networking can be truly multi dimensional. The above cross-section of UpMarch associates also explains how wide the market actually is and how easy it is to tap this market.
Real game starts when associates expands to other real world business to bring in local businesses into this system into many possible and mutually beneficial roles as sponsors or distributors etc.

Since UpMarch is a web enabled business with a unique Gate_Pass system, even on the most basic level, marketing works even when there is no direct contact with the 'advertiser associate' and 'viewer site-visitor'.

Alternatively, even run this as a secret business!!.. no one need to announce who is behind the Gate_Pass [The Celebrity Mode].

With UpMarch, there is no geographical boundary limitations to network. A national boundary is insisted because UpMarch accepts only Indian Rupee as currency and associate pay-out cheques too is in Indian currency.


Find More information about Gate_Pass here.


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