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How to co-promote?

UpMarch is a people participation and partnership optimised system. Businesses enjoy and make use of the embedded advertising leverage mechanisms to make the partnerships much more beneficial and fruitful experience than used to.
UpMarch by its inherent nature, help to squeeze out much more from the same media, businesses have been using all along.

Focus is to bring down the B.E.P of campaign expenses and to pep-up returns ratio trough... in this case, 'CO-PROMOTE'.

Unique co-promote on-line and offline strategies are devisable.

In online scenario, sharing the web page real estate using UpMarch buttons and banners are co-promote examples. Here are some banner examples.

In fact 'co-promote' in offline scenario, need not use any extra module integrated to UpMarch like multi level banner ads, ad coupons, Insta-Page etc. the apparatuses which are devised to turbo-charge UpMarch.

Co-promote [offline], It simply displays the basic nature of UpMarch core were business support is pre-embedded.

Co-promote simply help small businesses to stretch ad budget without any commitment what so ever. Basically it revolves around various inserts like news-paper inserts, mail box inserts, wiper inserts etc. Hoardings, mini corrugated/flex boards, stickers, even news paper display ads are other available offline co-promote options.

The philosophy behind co-promote aligns well with other UpMarch apparatuses, to stretch the ad budget. Co-promote is testable investing just a few hundreds of rupees. Its suits micro businesses well.

For example: A Gas stove repair shop, advertising using some news paper inserts.. its unlikely that the whole general public is going to beat the path to the door just to overhaul their hobs.
But then, giving multiple options is a simple solution to spread the expenses. Moreover, if one of the available options is a 'one size fits all' type life time opportunity suitable for home or power users, no doubt, more will find this insert interesting.. many would keep it, like using it as book marker, visualising future use.

Co-promote is all about spreading expenses, triggering more income options and thus making the whole marketing effort more viable by inducing better response levels.

Even half letter pad size simple b/w or colour leaflets with 80% space allocated to shop's ad and balance 20% to announce that business as a user of UpMarch advertising network is co-promote.

Use that 20% to invite the general public to be a part of the unique UpMarch networking system and to build solid businesses around it. All with shop keepers PUBLIC_GATE_PASS displayed in bold letters.

Here shop keeper also builds a network marketing business and income in parallel while promoting his usual Brick-N-Mortar business using the 80% part. That's the power of co-promotion!

Follow this link to see an offline co-promote example.

Due to the inherent nature of co-promote media, co-promote won't be evaluated for calculating MARKED commitment. a Deanlurell Enterprise