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About network commission pay structure? allocate 50% of each site sales to be distributed as commission which includes 20% direct effort return credited to associate account on each sale associate triggers by promoting own Public Gate Pass.

In effect, UpMarch associates are much better positioned than other fellow networkers because the network returns are calculated straight and without any pair lock related effort dissipation and income lose.

Being based on a legitimate network system core, UpMarch neither support pyramid recruiting nor compensate for recruiting downline.
With its unique business model, UpMarch associates are able to build excellent support team even without resorting to any network recruiting. Even options are at hand to auto build a network passively, without even indulging in ML marketing.

Here, network commission is fully and only based on sales happen at site. Commissions are calculated immediately and without any human intervention.

Associates were able to access reports on customer activities including detailed income report table with relevant data on each site sale like the order number, order status, commission percentage from each levels including that of own marketing effort and of those down-line associates down up to four levels deep. UpMarch being mass marketable even without 1-2-1 MLM-ing, with its no limit width team possibilities, its in effect is much more remunerative than other pair locked, ceiling restricted returns models. 

The network commission payment cycle is 30 days and billing is initiated for all those orders which are fully processed and 30 days product return and refund processing period have elapsed. A cheque is issued and delivered to the associate's address. UpMarch maintain only a nominal payment process threshold of Rs.500. If in case the associate has not reached that level in a cycle, the available amount will be carried forwarded and added to next monthly cycle.

A note on network commission plan:

  • UpMarch do not follow a binary plan, binary is more beneficial to the companies that follow it than participating associates.
  • UpMarch has not fixed an income ceiling and does not hold back any.
  • UpMarch Associate can build a super wide network. It supports mass marketing and passive networking.
  • At UpMarch, no pair issue or ceiling and the related income lose.

System UpMarch being deep and multidimensional, the possibilities and opportunities are not restricted to the involvement in network marketing alone.  In fact the network market and the related returns are just basic. UpMarch has embeddings and tools to support its associates to indulge in real world businesses and build own company, operate it very profitably by providing useful and much needed services to regional businesses, all while, with easy auto build of network in the background while associate focus on to own businesses that flourishes in forefront. Commissions and returns generated from extended participation as sponsor, ad-agency, distributor etc. are dealt with separately. Follow respective links at the lobby to know more. a Deanlurell Enterprise