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What is multi-level banner ad?

Multi-level banner ad is a business support tool used in conjunction with the Insta-Page service, making participation as UpMarch media associate that much more productive by helping their existing business to grow.

New UpMarch visitors, to make it easier to comprehend multi-level banner ad better, should grab more information on Insta-Page before proceeding.  

Any UpMarch customer with a 'Base Order' credit may participate as a media associate.

Insta-Page is a free landing page service to the participating associates to 'act quick' and start a campaign immediately.

Multi level banner ad is also a free to use service for any participating associate with a 'MARKED' commitment level in promoting the network. In the process of building the UpMarch network, multi level banner ad help associate to promote their existing business discreetly. Thus this system not only help the existing business to grow but also help otherwise by adding more mileage by stretching the advertisement budget.

How to participate in multi level banner ad.

Business do not directly participate in multi level banner ad system as a participating media associate is always an individual. But this media associate with a 'MARKED' commitment can apply to include a banner of 300x250 pixel size.

UpMarch team will screen-out ads promoting violence, 'adult' in nature or those in direct conflict with UpMarch business on any user policies.

How multi level banner ad work.

Promoting associate's Insta-Page link will result in associate building a network all across India. Associates participating in multi level banner ad system will have their business advertised in similar manner... splashed all across India. Local business can concentrate their efforts locally to get maximum coverage for their business from that locality.

Let's explain it with an offline sample ad.

     Job Opportunity    
  work In Your Locality
Opportunity available to
all including Housewives

This small classified ad in a local newspaper, though attracts the attention of the the general public, actually stress the participation of women. An opportunity for the local ladies clothing store or a jeweller or a beauty therapist to display a colourful web banner to a receptive young crowed without assigning a staff to handle responses. Instead of providing an email auto response ID, one may also use any cell number with a direction in the ad to send an sms. Classified ads perform well in job, matrimonial or business offer market. But, not an acceptable option when direct brand building is involved.

Classifieds Promoting a life style clothing store is not good 'taste' while, a colourful web banner could do the job suitably.

The world over, effort to squeeze out maximum revenue from the ad budget is going on, innovative marketing strategies are appreciated by committed marketers. 

Now explaining this classified strategy.

The contact link in the ad is an email and an auto responder. This mostly work on auto pilot so a busy business person need not invest time or assign a staff while directly promoting his/her UpMarch network. Moreover will get excellent coverage for the existing business through banner ads.

The auto responder email will have a link which open a web page [Splash-page] which will display the participant's banner alone for 15 seconds before automatically redirected to associate's landing page [Insta-Page]

In the Insta-Page, the banner is again displayed with link to associate's web site along with associate's up-line banners if any.

Associate[A] deals in computers and peripherals. If associate[A] makes a 'MARKED' commitment to promote his UpMarch network, when associate[A] advertise, on the Insta-Page, the [A]'s computer shop banner will hold the top spot.  Let's say associate[A]'s promotions brought in associate[B1] and associate[B2]. Here associate[B1] does not make any 'MARKED' commitment... so no banners to promote. On the Insta-Page or splash page, no associate[B1] banner ad to display, then Insta-Page No.1 spot will be allocated to charity. Associate[A]'s banner slide to spot No.2 

The new associate[B2] make a 'MARKED' commitment. [B2]'s banner got displayed for 15 seconds in the splash page and get the top spot of Insta-Page. Here also associate[A]'s banner got displayed on the spot No.2.

Again displayed on spot No.3 when associate[C] start promoting. again on spot No.4 when associate[D] advertises. Then again on spot No.5 when associate[A]'s downline, associate[E] promotes his/her network.  

Weather the down-line make any 'MARKED' commitment or not associate[A]'s banner get displayed. This snowballing effect will really take the banner [in the example... associate[A]'s banner] to places.

The fore said multi level banner ad example on Insta-Page may be graphically represented as follows.

ad by [A] ad by [B] ad by [C] ad by [D] ad by [E]  
Banner[A] Banner[B] Banner[C] Banner[D] Banner[E] Spot 1
  Banner[A] Banner[B] Banner[C] Banner[D] Spot 2
    Banner[A] Banner[B] Banner[C] Spot 3
      Banner[A] Banner[B] Spot 4
        Banner[A] Spot 5

The initial 15 seconds spot-display is not included in the graphic shown.

Offline classified is just one among many ad strategies possible.

How much is 'MARKED' commitment.

Any media associate commits to invest a minimum amount of Rs. 30,000/- [Rupees Thirty Thousand only] within a period of 1 year [ A campaign initiation date to campaign end date]. Associate may select any campaign mode as seem appropriate.

Evaluating on a monthly basis, commitments should be made in advance for every three months period [Rs.7500/-]. this may be confirmed by attaching scanned invoice/receipt/reply mail from the media [news paper, google, adbrite, yahoo etc.]

Associates with promotional investment above 'MARKED' commitment but without own business to promote or banner to display may transfer this opportunity to display banner of any local business/non-profit [subject to the conditions outlined].

If you have not yet tested the auto response service, you may send an email to

Associates wish to participate and promote their business through multi level banner ad, send a request to Team_UpMarch email


Business owners with MARKED commitment may also opt to participate as sponsor. Find more here.


Follow the link to have a demo of banner display. This is a medium rectangle 300x250 pxl standard size banner. The impact it create overrides expectations as first this banner is displayed alone and then again in redirected Insta-Page. Participating associate may add components like Public_Gate_Pass, Name, Email, Cell No. etc. to the link URL.  The Banner Demo Link


Find more information about Gate_Pass here.


Insta-Page is an excellent solution. its a good example of how a pre-sell page should look. It is also customizable with your contact information. As you gain more experience you might want to test different keywords and pages simultaneously.
More information is available here.


Established site owners who need a link button to insert into their existing high traffic page may try this link

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