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How to become a route distributor?

Being a distributor is one of those solid options any enterprising media associate should integrate into their UpMarch business development model.
Its a very low investment but high volume and returns business.

Interested media associates may send a mail to

Two coupon models are available to be pushed trough this channel.
1] Closed Model
2] Semi-Open Model

The closed model will carry UpMarch encashable redeem code and the distributor's gate pass link. Here each and every coupon buyer is a potential downline of the distributor. Here distributor directly end up with huge networks all across that area.

In closed model, coupon selling retail outlet makes income from the coupon sales proceeds only.

The semi-open model also carry the encashable redeem code as the fully closed ones, UpMarch higher than paid for redeem offer. Instead embedding distributor associate's public gate pass, a semi open area is provided to add outlet shop owner's public gate pass later.

So, for a distributor, a shop selling semi open coupons is an indication of upward progression. Only after shop owner joined distributor's UpMarch downline, that shopkeeper will sell semi-open model coupons.

In semi-open model, shop owner sell his/her own gate pass embedded coupons. Here shop owner gets excellent per coupon commission for each sale, as usual. Moreover, with his/hers public gate pass in the coupon. retail shop owner's network also expands, the multi level commission from UpMarch 'activearea' network sales is an additional big chunk.

Distributor, being the shop owner's up-line will also earn an up-line's respective level income and direct coupon sale returns.

For a distributor, UpMarch platform offers solid opportunities to earn trough multiple channels.

One can distribute to any kind of shops. Like department stores, supermarkets, stationary shops, book stores, photostat centers... this could be a very extensive list of many hundred of shops.

Since each coupon set is arranged on a mini wall board/hanging ad announcing the positives and an invitation to start a new home based business, In most cases coupons will move without any effort.
If shop keeper himself/herself becomes distributor downline, definitely there will be an extra effort on their part and sales could happen in large numbers.

A distributor can service to hundreds of shops, each shop could sell 3 to 10 or more coupons daily. that's thousands of coupons sold trough the distributor, bringing in a sizable income in direct commission itself.


Distributors can be creative too in coupon merchandising. Device unique strategies, pinpoint new markets to push more coupons or even re-orient coupon offers like adding additional offers from local sponsors and then also operate like an ad agency.

Shown below is an example.
[Sales is an estimation]

[Test captions to use on coupon display panel]
Target Market = Mobile users.
Base strategy = Make income using FREE SMS.
Target Channel = Mobile recharge shops.
Advantage to Tap = Free SMS offered by many service providers.

Test On Board Caption 1 = A NEW BUSINESS - USING FREE SMS
Test On Board Caption 2 = RECHARGE UR LIFE - WITH FREE SMS
Test On Board Caption 3 = WHY NOT DEVICE ONE OF YOUR OWN?  :)

Regular on coupon caption = Pay Rs.30 - Earn Rs.50 + LIFE!!

Additional[s] = Shop leaflet - To educate shop keeper.

Potential [average] = 5 coupons sold/shop.
From 150 shops = 750 coupons/day
Coupon Value = Rs.30/coupon [flexible]
Sales From All Outlets = 750 coupons x Rs.30 = Rs.22500/day

Here is a coupon merchandising example. A model board with attractive pre-sell caption. Use as counter top or rack hang in stationary shops/mobile shop counters/mobile recharge centers.


Since shop keeper is a potential downline for the distributor, he/she is also a potential co-promote partner as explained here. a Deanlurell Enterprise