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How to download the books I ordered?

A 'Base Order' is the basic filter integrated into UpMarch.

A 'visitor' as customer.. upon order placing and payment process is finished, customer will receive an email announcing the updated status of that order. Access activearea using the entry gate pass and follow 'My Account' link.. login using email user ID and password, follow 'View' button.. Find "Download" link corresponding to the updated order.

Download the ebooks, unzip, save and enjoy for many many years!

A note about unzipping a zipped file.

Zip is a kind of file packaging and compressing technique.
A zipped file/folder can be unzipped using any compatible software. Usually systems have these software pre-installed. In case yours does not have one installed, you may download one from sites like,, etc.

freeware unzip apps compatible to your operating system won't be difficult to find. installing these mostly is as simple as a double click on the downloaded application. TUGzip is a good freeware. search Google or Yahoo or sites shown above to download a copy.

Once the unzip app is installed in your system, right click on the downloaded e-book and select unzip to a folder. 

Most Linux systems have un-zipping application pre-installed.

About customer's UpMarch activearea control panel

Follow customer login link on top of the page. Customer reach control panel upon login, were more links are available to a comprehensive customer reporting engine.

That's UpMarch advantage, customers use the real-time report engine attached, to generate reports on orders, its status, account details etc. access it by logging in, anytime, 24/7.

Separate control panel is available to access reports on associate activities, income etc. a Deanlurell Enterprise