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Can media associate edit account information?

Media associate may edit many parameters of his account including password, by requesting a new one. But, associates are not allowed to change the email user_ID and the Gate_Pass.

Ensure email that use as username in UpMarch is from a reputed provider and should be in active state.

Associate's Public_Gate_Pass, the pass associate create and use in the promotions to build the downline, if changed, many among the downline won't be able to access 'activearea' using the Gate_Pass they knew.
In that case they may use some other Gate_Pass to gain access and credit might go to that media associate. To avoid this situation, Public_Gate_Pass, will not be available to edit once it is created.

So customers while register as associates should take special care while creating a new Public_Gate_Pass. It should be cute, not too long, best if it capture some attention and fun to use.

Gate_Pass can be any numbers or letters or their combinations.

Minimum 5 characters and maximum 15 characters will be allowed while creating a Gate_Pass.

So repeating the basic characteristics of Gate_Pass and things to note..

Customers registering as Media_Associats should take special care while creating a new Public_Gate_Pass.

It should not be too long or short [Max 15 characters, minimum 5].
Do NOT use capital letters, visitors not using as it is will deny access.
Do NOT allow space within a Gate_Pass
Best if it capture some attention and have good first impression.
Public_Gate_Pass created won't be available to edit later.

System also won't allow any duplicate Gate_Pass to be created. In that case will direct customer to enter a new one. a Deanlurell Enterprise