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What is Gate_Pass?

Its a little text phrase you create while register as associate. Its the most basic tool to build your network and business. Its when published, is an invitation to your prospective downline to use it as their entry pass at UpMarch lobby. System then tracks the visitor who uses it and credits you, the associate, for the site purchases customer make. Gate Pass is created in associate registration form. This new customer then register as associate, again uses your gate pass at the lobby, this new associate is considered as your 'downline'.

When you register as an associate, associate registration form has a text field to create a Public_Gate_Pass for your downline to use. Since this is your downline's Entry_Gate_Pass and your basic network build tool, create something cute & easy to remember and fun to advertise, like...'tingtong'! 

Customers when register as media associates should take special care while creating a new Public_Gate_Pass.

It should not be too long or short [Max 15 characters, Minimum 5].
Do NOT use capital letters, visitors not using it as it is will deny access.
Do NOT allow space within a Gate_Pass like '
Best if it capture some attention, cute and fun to remember.
Public_Gate_Pass once created won't be available for editing later.

System also won't allow any duplicate Gate_Pass to be created. In that case will direct customer to enter a new one.

Gate_Pass can be any numbers or letters or their combinations.

Pass you got from a Public media is your 'Gate_Pass' or lets say.. Entry_Gate_Pass or Private_Gate_Pass [Even though you got it from a public media!].

The pass you create in Media_Associate registration form is your Public_Gate_Pass and your downline's entry Gate_Pass.

Advertise your Public_Gate_Pass trough any public media like newspaper classified or google ad linked page, free blog or forum or social networks you participate, in any pamphlet distributed, paper inserts, car wiper insert etc. Let lots of people use it at UpMarch, let your network and business grow.
NOW ITS YOUR TURN!!                            
Become a customer, place orders at site for
at least 'Base Order' value, register as  media associate.

Then promote
your          Public_Gate_pass+ link []
[or] promote your  contact data embedded Insta-Page link
and build your network.
operate even the basic networking like in a normal business in "Real Business Mode".
Enjoy the benefits of network marketing on steroids! Expand nation wide, operate from your own office or even from your home!!
Again, expand further, setup own ad-agency or route distribution or direct sales. a Deanlurell Enterprise