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UpMarch, In easy steps.

If you are in business... UpMarch is for you.
If you want to be in business... UpMarch is for you.
If you don't want to be in business... Still, UpMarch is for you!

And, participation in this incredible system is as simple as 1.2.3...

If you are here by invitation or followed some ad or link, you could be already having a gate pass to use as your 'entry gate pass'.
If don't have one, browse local newspapers or follow coo twitter links from UpMarch lobby.

Ok.. [PART 1] .. Unlike many other systems out there, were you have to pay dearly and be a member first and then a customer, with UpMarch there is no such member fee to pay. Simply submit the entry gate pass at the lobby and proceed to 'activearea', be a customer.

1] So be a customer. If your processed order is above the 'Base Order' level [A simple spam filter! anything above just Rs.500], you are eligible to register as media associate.

And then...

2] Register as media associate... in the process of registration, in that form itself, create a 'public gate pass' like... 'tingtong'. This will be your downline's 'entry gate pass'.

That's it! you are ready to be in business! Whenever someone use the gate pass you created and advertise to access UpMarch activearea and make a purchase, you will be credited. Like this, income generated through exploding - multiple levels. That's the basic network part.

As a basic media associate, you are eligible to conduct a normal network marketing business.. ofcourse, due to a superior business model and well planned system integration of UpMarch, in many abnormal ways!

You may build your network marketing business in 'Real Business Mode' using paid classifieds, Google ad words etc. or if you don't wish to be in 'business' at all or don't want to be in 1-on-1 interaction with others for business purposes, then simply spread your public gate pass trough free blogs, forums, emails, sms etc. even from home.

More.. [PART 2] .. Those with drive to make it really big, may chip-in more of your time and expand fast.
For registered media associates, this next level is apt for...
1] Building profitable advertising businesses using embedded apparatuses
2] Put-up a high growth route distribution business based on multi-offer en-cash coupons
3] Associate, if already in business, join in as sponsor. Then earn even while promoting your own Brick-N-Mortar business[es]. Sponsoring is a high-end ad solution.
4] Simply co-promote to advertise your existing small business and your UpMarch network business together, lowering the actual ad cost drastically.

UpMarch is a unique advertisement leverage mechanism. It also has its own unique FREE banner ad system.
With UpMarch, its easy to be in business and to expand an existing one.

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