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UpMarch for business, is a unique and innovative advertisement budget leverage apparatus. It's optimised for interactivity and people participation trough a well integrated multi-level benefit allocation system. UpMarch strategy in effect result in better response and quality traffic to the participant's 'Brick-N-Mortar' business.
Unlike other normal Ad channels, the well conceived UpMarch Ad systems have option to extend even sizable pre-profit to the participant business well before the effect of ads begin to reflect on to their core business. This pre-profit can be used for more promotions, reaping in unparallel tangible benefits  on short term and on the long term.
Business opt to involve in as sponsor rather than a mere advertiser as in other media, is also able to capitalise the embedded tools to support charity, this cements the name and goodwill further.

UpMarch being a advertisement budget leverage apparatus, it just channels a part of sponsor business's Ad budget trough much cheaper options available on the same media business has been resorting all along, like, also opting for cheap news paper classifieds without diluting the brand value, instead of big displays which happens to be much more expensive.

Business need not allocate anything from their Ad budget to pay UpMarch. The coverage generated trough UpMarch Ad apparatuses.
Assured Pre-profit returns form EnCash coupons.
Returns from auto-buildup of M_L-network.
Advantage of utilizing the 'no bother to management' direct interaction scenario with prospective customers with lasting 'word of mouth' public relations.
Lasting goodwill generated with good comments about supporting charity.
All these happen 'within the process' and without any advertisement, public relations or any other consultancy payment to UpMarch.

UpMarch for individuals, is a good start point for those who seek to expand their horizon into the world of business. Its easy to start as an associate, freely involve in this one of its kind networking which allows multi dimensional participation in "REAL BUSINESS MODE" even at the basic involvement level.
Shortly its reveled, UpMarch is much more than just another network market opportunity. It has utilizable components to grow beyond that start point, literally without any investment.
UpMarch has clear cut pathways outlined for associates to move fast and free to build solid real world business[es] in advertising or in route-distribution or in direct-sales or grab growth much faster by adopting an explosive combination of one or more of these channels.
All while you build your real world business, the multi-level network and related benefits from that side keeps on growing in the background passively. Yes! UpMarch allows passive networking while you are busy with your business, even while you are uninvolved in networking. System, moreover support networking on sponsor backing!

System's multi-level network market core relies on the basic human interest in the greatest hobby mankind has ever known.. Reading... and of course, the human drive to achieve new heights by better utilisation of available resources and abilities.
May be, UpMarch is the only network system that allows its associates to make use of existing infrastructure of FMCG route distribution channels, of those DSAs with 100s of active executives on their roll, of those established, new and 'want-to-be' ad agencies/consultants to expand blazing fast.

While implementing this system, team UpMarch has evaluated all the probable expansion potentials and have had reliable solutions integrated into this stable platform that our customers, individual associates and associated partners like Ad agencies, distributors, DSAs etc. can rely upon and build businesses upon.
UpMarch has available space even for new* media associates to be creative in building even the basic network business fast, far, wide and in 'REAL BUSINESS MODE'.
[*New associates are those just have started out in UpMarch MLM and have not yet started using or presenting UpMarch corporate support components to businesses].

UpMarch the network marketing system primarily tuned as an 'entry-by-invitation' platform. A media associate issued 'Entry_Gate_Pass'  is used to gain access to the 'activearea' [Site-Shop]. the shop, carries a good selection of works from exemplary writers of classic era, all popular titles, in easy to use digital format.
After orders are processed, customers will be able to download the ordered ebooks. UpMarch customers enjoy quality reading at a fraction of the cost of buying a normal book. Customers may then opt to join the associate program as Media_Associates.  There is no join fee to get involve as associate.

Even at this 'new associate' level of directly building the network marketing business, UpMarch being uniquely formulated, can be promoted and profited from in "REAL BUSINESS MODE" ... Yes! in many 'abnormal' MLM ways.

The network system combination is very unique allowing more flexibility in involvement.
The Gate_Pass model allow our media associates to grow by building their network among friends and relatives or promote to mass using Google or similar ad networks, free blogs & forums and sites like Orkut, Facebook, MySpace etc., or on ON-line free and paid classifieds... Also offline using news paper classifieds, leaflet distribution, paper/wiper/letter-box inserts, cloth banners, corrugated micro plastic boards, giant hoardings ..

YES! Unlike any other marketing models, UpMarch offers extensive, multi-dimensional 'build' possibilities. Even the basic network building can be conducted with mass ads and with or without one-2-one interaction. Then, as media associates, freely expand further by building solid businesses in advertising, route-distribution, direct-sales etc.

The marketing dimensions an associate could bring in to promote and profit from this system is exemplary. For those in business, UpMarch is a win-win tie-up opportunity. 

Ride UpMarch...
For All, Its network marketing on overdrive... and much more...!
For those in business, Its cost effective advertising made more effective!!

For more, here is a detailed FAQ/tutorial.

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Outline the UpMarch 'network marketing' process flow through a case study?
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