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What is UpMarch Insta-Page service?

Customers with 'Base Order' credit may opt to register as media associates and start their business immediately. The easiest way to get started with your networking is through OFF-line classifieds and ON-line PPC [Pay Per Click] campaigns.

Search engine majors like Google require you to have a 'LANDING PAGE' to point the ad link to. Pointing the ad link to a well formulated landing page result in better conversion and returns.

Along with every order placed and books downloaded, customer will also  receive a landing page set, ready to be uploaded to a web server. But, if uploading and FTPing are confusing terms for you...
why bother...
use UpMarch Insta-Page as the landing page for your campaigns

Insta-Page is a free landing page service to the participating associates to 'act quick' and start a campaign immediately.  

How to use Insta-Page.

Its simple. Try the links below, both points to same Insta_Page.



While following the 1st link, page display a 'Data not available' information...following the second, same page displays the gate pass is 'tingtong'.

Difference is in the components within the hyperlink.

The first link is

Second link is

Its easy to spot the difference. The second link has some extra components added at the end portion after the '?' mark. That's a sample Gate_Pass. You too can add your Public_Gate_Pass like this. While promoting your business in Google PPC, simply add '?Your-Public_Gate_Pass' ... like

TIP: Its always better to create a Public_Gate_Pass in small letters and without space, -, even underscore [ _ ] in between.
Insta-Page won't display Gate_Pass with space well. [test.. ?ting tong].
Solution [Repeat]:                                                                  
Create a Public_Gate_Pass without space! 

We repeat the 'BASIC' Insta_Page link to advertise once more...

Here replace 'Your-Public_Gate_Pass' with the real Public_Gate_Pass you create during associate registration. Hey! don't add that '?' while register as associate. Add '?' in the Insta-Page link only.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Is it possible to use Insta-Page link in email campaigns?
Yes, add a link in the email message as in the second Insta-Page link example showed above [Try a different display text (gate pass)].

Here is a sample email campaign with link that contains a sample gate pass.

Dear Devraj

Thank you for your response.....

I would like to....   In my experience....

.........Ofcourse visiting my page will help you to understand this incredible opportunity better........

I am here to help you. my contact number is........

I wish you all the best to have an incredible upmarch in life...
Yours truly,



How about using OFF-line ads like News Paper classifieds to promote Insta-Page and link?

Definitely YES! Let's evaluate 3 classified ad response channels.

  • Cell-phone response
  • Email response
  • Main/Landing-Page response

Cell-phone response sample.

Join as Media Associate.
Opportunity available all
over India. Contact cell:

Email response sample.

Join as Media Associate.
Opportunity available all
   over India.  Contact:

Main-Page response.

FREE info available at
Gate_Pass: tingtong

Insta-Page/Landing-Page response.

  FREE info available at

Even if somebody strip the tingtong part with in an Insta-Page link when trying an OFF-line advertised link [As shown in the last ad]..
Responent, if using just '' part, this visitor will reach site's main page that will request the Gate_Pass to access active area.
If using the link '', this visitor will be presented with Insta-Page, but with 'Gate_Pass Data Not Available' intimation.

Thus, even if some new user tried to experiment with the striped down links even in OFF-line promotions, eventually will end up using the link or access main site with and in this example, use the phrase tingtong as Gate_Pass. Either way participating media associate will be credited. Promoting with SMS too is a good option.
Note:  'tingtong', 'money23' etc. are not a real Gate_Passes, just samples used to explain the operation.                                               


We repeat the BASIC Insta_Page link to advertise once more...
Replace Your-Public_Gate_Pass  with your real Public_Gate_Pass.
Now Let's Try Some ADVANCED Insta_Page Links
Now you know how to 'display' your Public_Gate_Pass.

This system will allow more parameters to be added to your link.

Ok, try this link... Name&

In the advanced Insta-Page link example, three more parameters have been added. When you start your campaign, you also may add your contact details like this.

Important points to note while using advanced link:

  • The link data order [/?Pass&Name&email&Phone].
  • Immediately after '?' is your 'Public_Gate_Pass' [without space].
  • Immediately after 'Pass' is your 'Name' [separated by '&'].
  • After 'Name', either 'email' or 'Phone' as you wish [separated by '&'].
  • UpMarch System will accept First and Last name with space. But while using  link with space as forum/blog signature/home page link, Some sites may replace space with alternative characters. Test before use.
  • 'Name' also may be added in the format FirstName_LastName [Note _] if the forum/blog you participate show any space problem.
  • Phone or email can be added without the other. But, either of the two should only be inserted after 'Name'.
  • If no 'Name' is added, no 'email' or 'Phone' could be added.

Insta-Page will grab the parameters added to the link and it will be merged seamlessly into the page that is displayed to the visitor you bring in. Adding your name, email and phone is not only more professional but also will give the visitor an opportunity to contact you. Personal interaction will result in better conversion and ROI.

Happy Networking!


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Insta-Page is a simple solution. its a good start point, as you gain more experience you might want to test different keywords simultaneously.
More information is available here.


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