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Who can be a media associate?

Customers who have at least orders worth Rs.500 [Base Order] to their credit, with-in a period of previous 1 year, satisfy other stipulated conditions like having sound mind etc. may opt to affiliate with UpMarch as a  media associate.
There is no join/member fee to pay to participate in UpMarch.
UpMarch and media associates are bound by a mutually beneficial, non-exclusive contract...

The media associate LOG_IN link is available within the activearea, "Continue" to the new associates registration form, fill the form as directed and submit it... Within the process of registration, create a Public_Gate_Pass to use in your campaigns... That's it, you are ready!

Now, in a new browser window load UpMarch main page [Lobby] []
enter the gate pass you created a short while ago to check acceptance.
Now, call up a friend, ask him/her to use your 'public_Gate_Pass' just created as his/her 'entry_gate_pass' and then to place a small order. Login as media associate, follow associate sales link in the control panel and check weather that new sale reflects in the report.
If using the same computer to test new pass and to place friend's order, clean browser of cookies and sessions before proceeding.

Now, promote your Public_Gate_Pass, start building your network and business! A media associate, thus rapidly develop nation wide.

As UpMarch network marketing is a web enabled business, any net-cafe is your retail point where you can ask anyone, even those without any net device to go and use UpMarch. Alternatively, if you prefer to do the presentations directly, any net enabled laptop or netbook can be your full-fledged traveling office! a Deanlurell Enterprise