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Why Customer email_ID and Associate email_ID should be same?

The Customer and media associate registrations are separate registrations. So is sponsor, ad-agency, charity etc.

Username email is one among the registration filters. As you may are already aware, only those customers with at least 'Base Order' to their credit will be allowed to join as associates.
That's very much like Multi Level Marketing but with a difference. Here at UpMarch, condition is not to pay any join fee [Join fee is usually non-refundable, sizable amount.] to be able to participate and purchase... but, here, simply make a nominal site purchase of Base Order level to proceed.

Customers use their customer-username [email] as associate-username while register as media associates. Within the registration process, associate also create a Public_Gate_Pass.

This same username policy is enforced all across the system. Passwords, whether system created or participant created may be different to ensure security. 

The 'media associate system' brings in many positives of both MLMs and normal FMCG mass marketing model  [FMCG, fast moving goods like soaps, detergents etc.] and thus, this is a unique business model that's well marketable both online and offline, using personal as well as impersonal routes. a Deanlurell Enterprise