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Can I test the Public_Gate_Pass I created before publishing it?

You can and YOU SHOULD!

After filling/submitting the media associate registration form, the Public_Gate_Pass just created in the registration form should be ready and active.

The registered media associate can test the Public_Gate_Pass by following these steps.

  • Phone up a friend, Ask to access internet from his/her computer.
  • Pass on the site address
  • Also pass on the new gate pass. ask to use it as friend's entry gate pass.
  • Ask friend/relative to make a small purchase.
  • Re-login into your media associate account, follow sales report link in the control panel. The purchase just made should reflect there along with the associate's first level return of 20% of the new order. [By default all orders are in state 'pending', status is changed after payment is cleared.]

Important: The Public_Gate_Pass associate create is to be downline's Entry_Gate_Pass and it should be so.. One should never use the Public_Gate_Pass created as own Entry_Gate_Pass at UpMarch lobby and try to make any purchase. If an associate try to make any purchase by entering the site-shop using the self created Public_Gate_Pass as entry Gate_Pass, system will detect this immediately and it could result in associate forfeiting all the due and future commissions.
Associate will be removed from the system if this behavior is detected again. a Deanlurell Enterprise