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What's work in "Real Business Mode"?

Unlike any multi level marketing system in operation today, UpMarch do not insist on a friends and relatives circle marketing. This mode some times result in strained relations. UpMarch, its flexible, here both personal and impersonal marketing co-exist, compliment.
A housewife who has to be at home, promote UpMarch without leaving her place!
An insurance advisor prefer 'personal' route.
A hording owner fill up vacant timeslot with  UpMarch ad, with Gate_Pass displayed loud!

For active Associates, an FMCG mode can be replicated using encash coupons and tap other working marketing agents or even local department stores! To expand fast, professional marketers may also introduce multi level ads to local business community. UpMarch is truly a multifaceted business,  marketable like any other "REAL BUSINESS".




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