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To start with basic networking, easily conveyable brand value like 'Book authored by Thomas Hardy'.

Associates even in basic mode may operate as if in any 'Real' business but without normal business headaches.

System is also fine tuned for Promoting  network both ON-line and OFF-line.

Full fledged ecommerce. Your media associate business is open 24/7.

Indulge in 'Friends and family' circle PR only if you feel like it.

In basic associate marketing, One2One selling, attending meetings etc. Not necessary.

FMCG model multi-mode mass marketing possible.

Excellent full or  part-time business. Operate  from home or setup own office.

You can start your new business with a purchase worth as little as Rs.500.

No 'Join' fee or any other hidden expenditures like in MLMs.

A versatile platform, adapt a work style that suits your personality trait with possibilities to expand to other businesses.

May use any socially accepted ad mode to promote the business.

Scope to 'play it really big'. Even as a basic associate, do business in thousands of cities and towns spread across India from wherever you are.

No income ceiling like in MLMs. Get cheque for  full earnings per cycle, every cycle.

No pair issue or related income loss as in an MLM  business.

No multiple 'sites' investment required like in MLMs.

Create/use your own customer-associate username and passwords to login.

System calculates commission etc. without human intervention.

Live reporting on site sales, you may verify commission etc. in real time.

System has embeddings to allow further expansion and build multiple businesses in advertising, distribution etc.



"An Easy Way To Be In Business, UpMarch Has It All & More. Stop At Nothing & Start Building Your Business Empire NOW! "

Start from dealing in classic literature then, expand to operate in multiple arenas to bring in multi-channel benefits.

Step-By-Step Tutorial  That Takes You By  Hand Available.

Dear Friend,

So many people I meet would love to make it big in business or ready to jump cart if a better job opportunity materialize. While for some, shortage of money is the prime reason. For others, those already earn good income from their job, job is the problem! Its either back breaking or brain crunching or both. Most of them want to be able to quit their boring -9 to 5+ existence and enjoy ....

  • working even from the comfort of their home.

  • work in a 'when they want' schedule.

  • work in their pajamas when feel like it!

Of course its about FREEDOM we are talking about and the question is, how bad do you want it?

Is this something you dream about? Is it just a dream you bring up with your pals at the pub ... and then lock away in the back of your mind on Monday morning, as you trudge off to work?

Ok, UpMarch won't promise you instantaneous riches from the day one and paint a false picture of you jetting to Switzerland next week...

Let's see what they say...
I am active in many systems, this is the easiest. Reghuram
Media associate is a cool concept. I use ibibo for networking. Its free. Santha.P
These guys delivered! This is a total rewrite of MLM rules. Kuldeep
What I liked is the interlinked add-ons to make most out of this. Especially banner ads. Thomas
I thought gate pass is a login system, now I know its a tracking system to assure my commission. J.P.Reddy

...or spending beautiful evening with your friend drinking red wine from large balloon glasses alongside a canal in Venice .. next month. Though simple and easy, this is a "Real Business" you are getting into. Do put in some systematic work,  you will live the dream for sure.

Being an UpMarch Media Associate, you set yourself free. Free to do the things you want to do. Free to live wherever you want to live. Free to travel, free to do whatever you want that's legal!

This is about a business you can indulge in and enjoy excellent returns for your effort in many multidimensional ways.

UpMarch and the Active_Associate team welcome you  to take a test drive, its easy to become an associate.

Networking in 'Real_Business_Mode'  Is a unique marketing strategy embedded within the Media_Associate program of

 I am More Comfortable with Off-line Promotions,
Do Your Tutorial Explain Off-line strategies In Detail?
Here is an example featuring the great classic "OTHELLO" By Shakespeare. Simple and powerful seal or print the Public_Gate_Pass you will create for your downline and distribute to build the business. Refer tutorials for more information.

Many of our customers are the kind who know what to expect from William Shakespeare! and were 'NOT' on the 'active' lookout for a business opportunity when they first visit! But, most self motivated intellectuals are inherently inquisitive, with excellent tutorials laid out onsite, its easy to follow and understand the potential and...  hard to resist.

Many of our associates also are active working people. Some say, UpMarch is an insurance. But many end up earning more than in their regular job!

At UpMarch, its all so simple, you are in business with little effort. Its fun, doing business! Try it.

Integrated Gate_Pass system allow UpMarch associates to promote both ON-line and OFF-line with equal ease and build business and network all across India from wherever they are.

I Already Have A Web Site.
Can I Have A Ready To Use Button?

UpMarch offers a highly flexible marketing scenario. The button you see on the left is small enough to accommodate into any web page and attractive enough to grab attention. For more banners & info, follow button link.

The system is unique in every sense, it allows our Media_Associates to be active in and profit from both personal and  impersonal networking scenarios... Both On-line and Off-line... then from that base level, expand to next level to capitalise embedded apparatuses and build solid businesses in advertising or distribution or direct sales etc.

Please don't join UpMarch if:

Not if:

You're not serious about being in business.
UpMarch actual offer is about some real business opportunities in advertising and marketing.

Not if:

You believe the outrageous hype that "You Can Make Rs.200,000 In Your First Month Online ... Doing Nothing More Than Pushing A Button!"
With UpMarch, work comes first.

Not if:

You're not ready to put in the little bit of work that will build you a real network that keeps bringing in a fantastic income which fund your expansion strategies.
This is for serious people.

Not if:

You are willing to waste your money on "instant gratification" biz ops which UpMarch is not. Here commitment pays!

Not if:

You're not willing to make a commitment to your success.
With UpMarch, one can stretch to the extant of being creative and implementing own strategies.

If any of these is you, please leave this opportunity for those who are serious about building real businesses now and for the future.

At UpMarch, even on the basic participation level allows associates to be creative. Since this is a serious business endeavor, device marketing strategies as per your liking like...

Targeted promotions  in Google, Yahoo!, MSN or similar search engines/ad networks...

FMCG model mass marketing using ON-line free and paid classifieds, news paper classifieds to big_ads,  banners, corrugated plastic boards... From simple photostats to even hoardings...

One-2-One public relations among friends,  relatives, strangers!.. Personal emailing, sms, direct mailing [snail-ing], door-2-door marketing, coupon marketing...

Building ON-line relations using free blogs,  forums, chat rooms, social sites like orkut, MySpace and many others...

Leaflet distribution, paper/wiper/letter-box inserts..

The marketing dimensions a Media_Associate could bring in to promote and profit from this system is exemplary.

If many others can... You too can! Copy the Gate_Pass and follow any link to and then paste and submit the pass to start the game.

You can start your "UpMarch" even from the comfort of your home ... right now! Then expand to setup profitable businesses in advertising, distribution, direct-sales etc.

Do Business All Across The Nation From Wherever You Are...

Simply Spread Like Wild Fire!


Sunil Kattathara
Coo & Director (Sales)

 UpMarch, Its an efficient e-commerce system +  embedded business opportunities that works offline and online +  support ad-systems to help your or other's business to grow!

Multi-level-Banner ad is yet another example for the multi-dimensional growth potential system UpMarch offers. More on this at UpMarch tutorial.


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