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Order And Returns

Order Flow [activearea/shopping cart]

This shipping and return policy outlined is specifically in relation with orders within the cart ['activearea']. The cart ['activearea'] can be reached by submitting an entry gate pass at the site lobby []. Up on clearing of the payment for orders placed at the activearea, the order status will be upgraded from the basic [default]  \'Pending\' [Being processed] to a higher status so as to allow the download of the digital items ordered.

To download the digital product for which customer has placed order and paid for, re-access activearea... then, once in the online shop, follow 'My Account' link, login using their 'customer' username [email_id] and password used while registering as customer on order placing. Follow 'View' button to access 'DOWNLOAD' link. Download the digital item as zip compressed file, unzip it and enjoy. [May unzip using Winzip or Tugzip. Tugzip is a freely downloadable zip/unzip software. To find a zip/unzip freeware, search sites like or or]

Our e_books are in PDF format, inside the unzipped folder, customers will find the e_book, can read it using Acrobat reader or Foxit pdf reader. Both software[s] are freely available to download via internet [a Google / Yahoo / MSN search will help]. we recommend Foxit for low resource systems as, its small [file size] and still very efficient.

Order Returns [activearea]

Even though the e_books we offer on our activearea are from internationally reputed authors and the nature of the content of these books are generally already known to the public, if somebody still wants to return the book may do so within 15 days from the date of download. The status of that particular order in which the returned book is a part of will also be down graded to cancelled. Customer will also have to send an email to the site administrator using the 'Contact Us' form with an undertaking to destroy any copies of the e-book in the cancelled order that remain at customer\'s local system.

Regarding orders outside activearea

UpMarch being a multidimensional system has offerings other than the digital downloads available at the 'activearea' [cart]. These includes coupons in various formats, ad support materials like co-promote leaflets, coupon code swatches etc. Orders like these outside activearea are collected and processed either online or offline. Since each of these orders could be customised for each clients, these are treated under separate returns policies on a per order basis. Unless coupons etc. are not sample pre-approved or not coded specifically for the client, the items may be returned within 15 days to DEANLURELL, 975, T.D.Road, Cochin-682011 for a refund. a Deanlurell Enterprise