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For  SME sector, capitalising UpMarch Ad tools like EnCash coupon is an opportunity to...

  • Infuse the power of innovation into your Brick-N-Mortar business by applying thrilling UpMarch ad formulas...
  • Fly high with the power of 'FUNDED PROPOSAL', its like promoting your business and PROFITING for promoting it!...
  • Integrate seamlessly with the power of UpMarch network system to open up parallel profit channels...
  • Freely use that power of exploding network supported ONLINE ad system for easy wide-area brand building...
  • Benefit from the power of profit from the 'Day One', walk step-by-step to push pre-profit enabled EnCash-able coupons...
  • Enjoy the power of co-op marketing, growth opportunities...
    A] Earn exploding network income on AUTO-MODE.
    B] +Promote and earn more from OWN BUSINESS by marketing own ads/offers embedded EnCash coupons. 
    C] +Earn 1000s daily from coupon sales.
    D] + Open-up more profit channels by setting up new fronts in advertising, builds many more new business relations.

YES! Enjoy multiple benefits in parallel, investing peanuts!

This is all about advertising your business and building brand equity, most effectively and cost effectively.

Usual advertising work this way. Somebody hear/see your ad in some media, gets motivated, visit your place, make a purchase. You make a profit from the sale that happened.

UpMarch has some unusual and unique Ad leverage tools. Its EnCash coupon system works in innovative ways. It facilitates the usual profit + unusual Pre-Profit + parallel network profit on AUTO MODE. Moreover, with direct customer interaction, the system is much more motivating and personally engaging.

Well... creative marketers among business owners with drive to expand, hold this small text phrase close to their heart... PRACTICAL INNOVATION ... That's for what those conglomerates pay their sales directors 8 figure pay packets!

Innovation in product mix.
Innovation in marketing mix.
Innovation in structuring sales.
Innovation in building brand value.
Innovation in applying new systems.
Innovation in engaging new prospects.
Innovation in deploying rapid skimming tools.
Innovation in implementing cost effective solutions.

If you regard innovation as an element capable of making a positive impact... to catch the bus for the next level growth of your business...
Do read on... this page in full and later tutorial pages here and other links.

Take your time, set in your mind, the time spend to understand the dynamics of this system is the worthiest of the investments... money wise, Business goodwill wise, business tie-ups wise...

SME [small & medium enterprise] sector is going trough one of its transition phases. Both big and small businesses are straining and stretching to change, adopt new technologies and ways in an effort to consolidate and to face turbulences like the one world experienced 'not so long' back.

But, when 'change' knocked at our good old postman's door, many rendered  jobless. Thanks to the change in communication modes with the advent and wider use of email, chat, sms, online greetings, ecommerce, online billing, even cheap call charges... this phase, these changes affect many traditional sectors and has to adjust the priorities accordingly and be on the right side of the change.

Simply... to survive, integrate change innovatively. But, using available new channels and using those productively are different cup of teas. The new get overused... emails become spam mails, online greetings fail to get even opened, chats reduced to be unproductive, ecommerce take long to break-even... all these due to improper prospect mass building with overused systems that fail to 'connect'.

Right way to counter stagnation and to stay ahead of competition is to integrate change with innovative mass marketing... PR efforts that's engaging, prompt to opt-in, focus geographically, keep the end consumer directly visible and economical to deploy.

UpMarch has it all and more. Its solutions are about effective marketing. In effect, its more than effective and cost-effective... its first & foremost  pre-profit & parallel profit marketing!

UpMarch EnCash coupons offer an effective and usable interface to the business associate. [example: A jeweller or a dentist cannot push their wares/services door-2-door, its not viable... whereas attractive multi-offer EnCash-able coupons with own added 'PULL' coupons allows them to enjoy the benefits of direct selling and more]. Thus EnCash coupons become an apt interface. This coupon's innovative "one-size-fits-all" wide acceptance help those even in niche service sectors to resort to freelance agent supported aggressive mass marketing. With geographical focus, without diluting the niche branding.

Marketing has become an expensive proposition especially with sky rocketing executive salary and related expenses and... also the low ROI of traditional 'no thrill' marketing contribute to it. UpMarch introduced this interface system to make use of smart entrepreneurial young community on a freelance basis. This has a very positive effect on the bottom-line of participant business.

The system helps business owners to tap on to zero credit direct sales market for immediate profit and lasting public relations. Direct selling agents mostly work freelance and are easily found even locally. Huge numbers irrespective of age, gender or education are already active in direct selling/door-2-door marketing industry, insurance industry, lottery selling etc. Couple of classifieds may also help to appoint a number of direct sellers. Checking on their regular routes also help to bring in some active direct sellers.

EnCash coupons offer many immediate and long term advantages for those participant direct sellers, this reduce the agent turnover to a large extend. Coupons are also easy on their shoulders [no weight marketing]. Its easy to mix-N-carry with other items marketer already promotes if any and easier if carried alone. With its very low price tag [from Rs.20] and higher than what they paid redeem value [Rs.50], coupons are easy to sell even for those inexperienced and untrained new sellers and those like lottery agents.

For the ultimate coupon buyer, the main attraction is the "MONEY OPPORTUNITY" or "BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY" and it fits almost all. With coupon's "HIGHER THAN PAID FOR" redeem value offer, added meaningful sales captions, coupon's attractive looks and feel etc. help to push it fast.

Additional UpMarch offers may be added to it on associate request like useful free digital books with catching subjects like cookery, home making, crafts, business tips, bonsai etc. allow the seller to make more colourful presentations on it.

Since En-Cash coupons are such a low priced item and with an array of obvious benefits for the coupon buyer, its a highly effective 'up-sell' tool, even inexperienced sales personals can effectively sell it in large numbers daily. For businesses this means zero training expenditure.

EnCash coupons are also embedded with additional offer coupons from participating business/service providers. [with offers like special discounts or free service or free check-up offer etc. for bringing the embedded coupon in (builds shop/establishment traffic).]

For business owners, only requirement to make use of this incredible system is to join as an UpMarch media associate first. Its easy to become one. UpMarch then allow participating associate business owner to produce own coupons based on approved templates. Basic EnCash coupon has a fold design with provision to add extra coupons [inside] by the associate business owner. Business owner may add upto 5 own coupons. So, whenever an EnCash coupon is sold, extra 5 coupons from the participant associate business also reach public.

Only extra bit-investment associate business owner needs to make is on CODE SWATCHES. Swatches are delivered to the doorstep. Paste these on to the coupons and its ready. Now, simply sell it directly to the consumers trough the agent network, reaping in excellent profit directly, daily.
Enjoy the power of this pre-profit enabled public relations tool, EnCash coupons.

A basic EnCash coupon swatch carry the following elements.

  1. An alpha-numeric EnCash security code to be redeemed at site [Rs.50 added to associate network pay cheque earned by the coupon buyer. This Rs.50 EnCash-ed is more than Rs.20,  what customer paid for the coupon.]
  2. Participant associate's Public_Gate_Pass. Coupon buyers use this as Entry_Gate_Pass at UpMarch lobby. This auto-builds the participating associate's multi-level network and income without directly pushing any MLM scheme, especially to friends/relatives circle, the usual MLM way.
  3. MRP of the coupon. [on which the swatch is to be pasted]
  4. Expiry date before which the EnCash code is to be used. [full 1 year!]

For the associate's business, the additional offer coupons added inside EnCash coupon act as excellent traffic builders and brings in many new customers and more profit from own core business.

The marketers and their daily returns are handled entirely by the participant business associate themselves, so associate is in full control here. The executives can be trained to talk about associate's business and embedded offers. Its excellent word of mouth coverage for the business and this promotion happen even when coupon sale 'does not materialise' in a sale effort.

All media associates create a public gate pass at the time of associate registration. EnCash coupon swatches are delivered with participant associate's public gate pass embedded on it, coupon buyers use this pass at UpMarch lobby, as their entry gate pass. this facilitate auto network building and opens up additional parallel profit channels.

UpMarch the network system is easy to participate in. In fact participation is free of any membership/join investment. This is while all other network marketing opportunities require the participants to pay hefty membership fees that could reach to thousands of Rupees and again, regular monthly purchase to keep the account active. With UpMarch, there is no such pressure.

The advantage of having a network income linked, pre-profit supported Ad leverage tool like EnCash coupon... readily available to up-sell...
For the business associate, its simply building customer loyalty on platter.

How to Participate - Walk Trough.

Participation is join fee free. It is explained in detail here. The basic [part 1] participation is same to all. One has to be an UpMarch customer first, just a basic filter in the process of being a media associate.

Since this is simplified SME involvement mode, unlike in ad-agency or sponsor involvement. UpMarch has simplified the advance level [part 2] participation  for those promoting own business and directly indulging in as coupon direct production associate.

Now, Let's Take a System Walk.

  • Business owner visit, enter any available 'entry_gate_pass', becomes a customer with 'base order credit'# level [#micro investment just above Rs.500]
  • Order approved by UpMarch administrator. [upon payment cleared]
  • Business owner is now eligible to register as media associate. [does that freely, creates own public_gate_pass in the registration form itself.]
  • Business owner requests code swatches. These scratch-able stickers are embedded with EnCash security code, its expiry date and participant business owners public gate pass, coupon price etc.
  • UpMarch courier the requested number of swatches to associate's address. [minimum 500 nos.]
  • Associate business owner prints a number of coupons based on pre-approved design template then add/stick the swatches on to coupon.
  • Business owner brings in a number of direct selling agents on [good] commission basis. More sellers appointed - more coupons sold daily.

Now, an Estimation* on Returns.

Cost per swatch/coupon = Rs.5 [pay UpMarch, min:500 swatches]
Cost per coupon printed = Rs.2 [own printing, bulk printing reduce cost]
Agent commission = Rs.6/coupon [may be increased on high performance]
Miscellaneous expenses = Re.1/coupon [pack, stick swatch, canvas agents]

Total expense load = Rs.14/coupon

Margin per coupon [For a Rs.20 basic coupon, 20 - 14] = Rs.6/coupon

Estimation on Coupons Sales.

This mostly depend on the ability of the agent, support and motivation the participant business owner provide etc. motivation extended is of may be a high commission offer [performance linked], support with a half page script for the seller agent to refer during selling, a daily morning meeting if time allows etc.

Focused agents have sold 60+ coupons consistently. Since initially most agents are untrained or even new to marketing, its prudent to evaluate on a lower side of approximately 20 coupon sales daily/full-time marketer.

One area the business owner needs to take effort is in appointing maximum number of agents. Weather 10 or 100 or 250... it has a direct impact on the cash flow.

A strategy that's successfully tested is inexpensive single colour but, professionally designed A4 sized leaflets explaining the possibilities of working as coupon promoter agent, career prospect system UpMarch offer even on independent level. Hand distribute these leaflets among young - college students, working agents/lottery agents, self-help group ladies etc.
Use similar ones with lesser data but in bolder lettering as canvassing posters on strategic locations.
Direct canvassing of working executives, insurance agents, lottery agents will beef-up the agent numbers.
News-paper classifieds offer another economical route to build the team fast.

Let's prudently assume that, the business owner was able to appoint 30 agents over a period of 2 months.

Estimating coupon sales -
@20 sold coupons/agent/day - 
for 30 agents = 600 coupons sold/day.

Estimated turnover from coupon sales alone is [600 x Rs.20] Rs.12000/day. Estimated margin is [600 x Rs.6] Rs.3600/day.

More Income From Own Business.

30 agents work to promote coupons means, all of them also speak about embedded offers from the associate business owner. Participant business owner gets the benefit of this high impact 'word of mouth' advertisement even while coupons are not sold! 'Word of mouth' is the best form of coverage any business could get. It even gets an additional "third party opinion" value if the agent present self as an UpMarch executive.

With each agent estimated to make more than 150 direct contacts daily, that's [150 x 30] 4500 spot mention PR for the participant business.

Each EnCash coupon is embed-able with up to 5 offer coupons from the associate business owner. Thus, [max] 3000 associate offer coupons are estimated to reach local public daily!
That's incredible coverage for associate's business/service.

With this kind of high impact coverage, business expansion and more income generation is inevitable from associate's own core activity.

UpMarch being a multidimensional network enabled system, there are multiple parallel progression opportunities awaiting to be evaluated...

Estimation of Parallel Network Income.

Business associate's public gate pass is also embedded in the coupons sold, with estimated 600 coupons sold daily, in a month, approximately 18000 gate pass embedded EnCash coupons reach general public.

Now, Estimating a meager un-induced conversion of 2% of coupon buyers join as UpMarch associates, that's 360 level 1 down-line for the business owner, all generated automatically.
Level 1 return @20% of site sale, just level 1 network income is estimated to rake in additional Rs.36000/month.. Total network income can be much larger because network system calculates returns from up to 5 levels! not just 1 level as estimated here for the convenience of manual calculation.

The 2% level 1 estimated conversion is dramatically increased with regular follow-ups, this ultimately reflects on returns from all levels.

In a usual network marketing business, whatever fancy titles the principal organisation permits the participant [like gold, emerald...], the job continues to be that of any average basic MLM-er. whereas, at UpMarch, a participant business owner associate need not indulge in usual MLM-ing. Here network can opt to build even AUTOMATICALLY without ever pushing the MLM part, business owners among associates may focus on promoting own Brick-N-Mortar business.

The EnCash coupon is just one among ad apparatuses UpMarch presents for the associated business owners to expand own interests. Even the EnCash coupons would be available in different flavours to facilitate multiple and repeated coupon purchase and to roll-out more, attractive, smashing ad-formulas for participant businesses when gets upgraded into a full-fledged sponsor. Do cover tutorial links well to understand the possibilities to an extend, participate to complete.

UpMarch coupon marketing also provides an apt environment for businesses to pick high caliber sales personals based on their performance evaluation, they may be deployed directly into own business.

Regarding direct sales personals, high motivational level is automatically maintained as coupon sales happen daily in large numbers. Moreover, this is an opportunity to prove for otherwise under qualified individuals. With exceptional multi-channel career growth potential, even highly qualified ones find this system attractive. Business associate is able to build a stable team.

UpMarch coupons does not contain any gambling or speculative factors to influence the final success. Still, coupons ALSO can be sold even like paper lotteries trough various channels. Of course...
With UpMarch, you don't have to be lucky to be a winner!

UpMarch is recognised as one of the easiest to promote network systems  that's marketable even without direct one-on-one interaction! added to the attraction is a fantastic straightforward 50% of 'activearea' sales as network returns, out of which 20% is direct income [level 1]for referring associate. 
Unlike other network systems, UpMarch support straight commission structure without pair lock commission trimming or any income ceiling. 

Though INDIA focused, capitalises specific Indian conditions like available massive freelance community, system UpMarch is appreciated by many including top end professional managers from around the globe.

UpMarch network system calculates sales, commission etc. instantaneously without any human intervention and has integrated service support for the  associate to access detailed reports in real-time.  

Final lap

This is simple coupon direct production participation offer for small/medium businesses without the complexity or funding needed for full-fledged sponsor participation.

Let's wade trough the basic steps once more.
UpMarch is a deep system. But participating and making use of it is simple.

[Part 1]
So... first, follow the link to the sales page.
Use the gate pass displayed there as the entry_gate_pass.
Enter 'activearea' trough lobby
At 'activearea', follow images and named links to place order.

System then send an email with details of order and how to make payment.
[preferred mode [customer can select] is crossed DD Favouring Deanlurell] . [Reg: email, Check spam folder also if UpMarch mail is not in the in-box, in case your email provider accidentally diverted it to spam folder, adding UpMarch mail ID to the address book could rectify this problem.]

You are eligible to register as media associate if the total processed order is above Rs.500 [Base Order Credit]. That's it, you are ready to be in this new business... of promoting your own business! investing peanuts!!

[Part 2]
Coupon Direct
No separate registration needed here [in direct coupon production, for the time being].

Just be an associate, then send the order for the swatches to or call up the direct number 09495963920. Print some coupons based on the approved model received from UpMarch. Now... rope in some direct sellers with posters - classifieds - direct interaction etc., start pushing your business advertisement and public gate pass embedded EnCash coupons trough this direct selling route, for a profit.

Other routes that can be used to market EnCash coupons are super-market merchandising, ebay online sales [with UpMarch permission] etc.    

Savvy marketers among business associates bring in active direct selling  companies on profit sharing basis. They can be found following their ad in local newspapers and by interacting with on road working executives.

Direct marketing companies may already have 100s of active direct marketers under their role. Business associate may negotiate a deal with the organisation/managers. This help to bring the numbers up exponentially.

Thank you for your interest and attention. Only limited number of coupon direct opening is available in each area.
We recommend you to start immediately.


*All estimations given here are to outline the system in operation. It neither implies that the participant will earn that much nor only that much.


Participating businesses with 'MARKED' commitment may also avail free multi level banner ads to promote their existing business. For more, click here.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- a Deanlurell Enterprise