Dear Business Owner,
Team_UpMarch welcomes you to experience the power of UpMarch ad systems and leverage mechanisms.
Ok... In the process of promoting the business...
What about helping some charity fundraising without any additional outlay?
What about making some pre-profit while own business gets advertised?
what about enjoying a parallel network income, again without any extra outlay?
What about saving on advertising expenses by investing less than allocated for popular medias like news papers? by opting for cheaper classifieds and displays without any strain on brand equity?
What about a team 'word-of-mouth' convey the news about your offers/services knocking every door around as third party messengers*?

Those in business and practicing professionals find the public interaction interfaces offered by this system highly valuable to increase the product/service visibility, to induce prospects to take action and to improve the counter traffic. Tangible benefits even on short term.
For full sponsors, the goodwill generated by system's embedded mechanism to help charity & non-profits illuminates positively the brand image of the business/service provider for a long time.

UpMarch, Its people participation friendly. Its multi level income generate-able core, multi dimensional work opportunities etc. would prompt public to interact closely with this system, they buy the EnCash-able coupons in large numbers. Thus, attached offers by the participant business owners or professionals also reach places. Systems ad impact is fine tuned to reverberate on to the associate's core business/service positively. In certain modes, it results in the normal 'brick-n-mortar' business of the participant business associate also to get promoted through exploding multiple levels!

YES! This is primarily about innovative formulas to advertise your business, efficiently reach target groups, build traffic and more traffic, convert many more prospects into customers, retain them trough multiple offers and even earn a pre-profit outside the core business... for promoting own business!
To achieve all these and more, most efficiently, UpMarch has docked its ad system basics to the infamous FUNDED PROPOSAL.

Funded proposal is a way to promote your business and...

Funded proposal is more or less a network marketing term but, UpMarch has  formulated a totally revamped strategy based on it, that's more 'public & participation' optimised and with effects that reverberate on to the businesses of those participate, multiple levels.

The process, among others, is well conceived by one of those channels successfully tested and used by small corner shops to retailing majors worldwide, coupons.
Here, UpMarch has introduced its own proprietary coupon system...
EnCash coupons.
Yes, UpMarch ad-system allow participants to also ride on coupons.
EnCash coupons has many complex participation modeling and with effects tuned to felt both online and offline.
Worldwide, coupons now have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Its time to capitalise coupons, especially those with one_size_fit_all type interesting opportunities and extra offers to take advantage of sooner or later, that suits all, and would motivate public to actually buy it [so keeps it], in large numbers.

Team_UpMarch has integrated this platform evaluating mainly positive Indian conditions. India has a large population still 'offline' but, ready to jump 'online'. Also availability of huge ready to be trained and tapped, market-ing ready young community.
Direct marketing is the prime channel resorted to push coupon sales numbers. With many notable benefits for the coupon buyer, EnCash coupons being a very low priced item, even a small team of marketing executives could sell it in large numbers. It can be even sold like lottery tickets trough an agent network.
Normal FMCG model distribution trough supermarket mag counters to cell phone recharge points are also usable as additional sales channels. Coupon delivery is no problem here.

Direct marketing is selected as the channel to focus because it offers an additional ad opportunity for the business associate participating as sponsor. The most effective advertising mankind has ever known, word-of-mouth!

Team has formulated efficient ways to combine proven online and offline methods into a network marketing supported ad platform, assuring maximum benefits to the...
----- participating coupon buyers...
opportunity quality wise...
diversity of possibilities wise...
benefits present-ability wise...
powerful growth strategies wise...
income multiplicity wise...

----- and for the businesses owners...
savings in ad spending wise...
multi point ad impact wise...
floor traffic generation wise...
pre-profit returns wise...
strategic positioning wise...
goodwill generated wise...

In UpMarch coupon system, participant business heads are not simply advertisers. Here they also can opt to sponsor worthy charities!
No doubt, participating as a sponsor is a high profile public relations coup for any business person or practicing professional since, their participation as full sponsors could actually help to raise regular funding for the associated non-profit. Sponsor may recommend charities they already have interactions with.
Yes, feeding few extra mouths or helping some children to buy some study books etc. are valuable actions indeed because of the satisfaction it brings to all our minds... homes...

Do Read On... Let's UpMarch!

Though UpMarch has a multilevel returns model integrated to it, in effect, it actually is NOT simply something 'as perceived as' or 'normally understood' by so called MLM systems. Even the term 'sponsor' is not what it usually means. For a plain MLMer it means a downline recruiter. With UpMarch, sponsor does not take effort to recruit any downline. Here sponsor is a business entity represented by its owner, helping to raise useful charity funds. 

Everyone know the usual MLM modus operandi. Quite unlike this, UpMarch, even in the basic participation level may be operated in 'Real Business Mode'. 
UpMarch media associates neither need not run around family & friends circle and those few available new prospects nor invite any of them them to meetings or sell ML company's study materials etc. the usual MLM way.

UpMarch media associates may opt to build network directly trough mass ads [classifieds, inserts, stickers, Google ads etc.] Or auto-build network indirectly by being a sponsor, even without one-2-one prospect interaction! which is also supportive for own business if any with additional pre-profit returns options.
Tutorial detailed has more on this.

Being a sponsor

UpMarch coupon system being funded proposal enabled, induce efficiency by assuring 'pre-returns' even before the effect of ads began to reflect on to the sponsor's actual businesses!

As an ad leverage mechanism, instead of being a 'direct paid' ad platform, UpMarch facilitate to stretch the ad budget to gain maximum mileage by also allowing businesses to opt for lower cost options on the same media they have been using all along... 'discretely'.
Discrete advertising is a way to use cheap ad formats like say...paper classifieds indirectly to promote a higher value brand without diluting the brand value

UpMarch NOT being a 'direct paid' ad platform means...
Sponsor business need not use a single paisa from their ad budget to pay  UpMarch!

Sponsor basically pay for 'enough' classifieds to achieve a volume of sales executives to promote own ad embedded coupons. Literally 100s of sales personals may be deployed to sell coupons embedded with sponsor's offer. Each executive estimated to present to more than 150 homes/prospect points daily. Moreover, every executive can be 'made to talk' about sponsor offers, well wishes, guarantee etc. making this one of its kind interactive and direct pressure marketing scenario with word-of-mouth ad support attached.

Sponsor's news spread even while coupon sale didn't happen! For what ever sale happen, each sale brings in profit for the sponsor! This pre-returns can finance more ads and can help to deploy more marketing executives and again... push more coupons. Thus more fund raised for the charity also.

For the coupon buyer, with so many presentable benefits stacked in their favour, like...
Easy, no join fee network business opportunity from UpMarch.
Higher than the coupon price cash redeem offer for coupon buyer from UpMarch.
Satisfaction for the coupon buyer for being a proud co-participant in charity fund raising by purchasing coupons...
Embedded additional offers [like interesting digi-book titles] from UpMarch.
Sponsor discounts/gift offers for purchase or shop visit...

It is estimated, with in a short learning curve slot itself even the most inexperienced sales boy/girl could easily achieve 20%+* sales conversion.

Further... each and every coupon is directly or discreetly embedded with sponsor's UpMarch Public_Gate_Pass. A gate pass is the core component in building the ML network. Thus, for the sponsor, its effortless 'auto' building of a network marketing business in parallel. This opens up another income channel for the sponsor media associate.

In UpMarch coupon marketing model, sponsor actually earn trough multiple channels [and levels] thus is able to sponsor more ads and thus many more coupons embedded with own ads and network gate pass reach public.

Further more... with nominal commitment, Insta-page linked multi-level banner ads in effect promote sponsor's existing 'normal' business through 'multiple levels'... FREE. See tutorials on multi-level banners for details.

Sponsor's Insta-Page multi-level banner ad gets exposure when coupon users follow links in the coupon [to collect their entry gate pass, discrete gate pass linking mode]. Then again banner get exposure [and again.. and again..], even while sponsor's downline build their network. That's exploding exposure through multiple levels of the network!

Still more... the system is so meticulously planned and implemented, when business associates subscribe to the ad system in 'sponsor mode', tools are available to generate reports on even the offline classifieds, their result like how many executives joined, how they perform, the income earned from this coupon system etc. are track-able and reports generate-able. Sponsor is in control here.

System provides extensive and separate reporting on both UpMarch direct eshop network sales [as media associate commission - link in coupon] and extended offline coupon sales [as sponsor share].

UpMarch is full utilisation of the distilled best of both online and offline infrastructures available at hand in a unique and effective marketing mix.

We are glad to guide you trough the whole process. Our ad-agency associates extend support in creating ads, banners, conduct interviews, deal with marketing executives etc.

Access sponsor report engine OR freely register as a sponsor.

Sponsor, step-by-step walk trough

Understanding participants and their roles.

Uncover more... UpMarch coupon system.

Tutorial on UpMarch network marketing system. Tutorials has sponsor specific links and also has many sub-links.

If needed, we will be glad to convey a clearer picture in a direct/telephonic session.

Call 09495963920 for any immediate clarifications.

Sunil Kattathara
coo, Deanlurell [Owners of UpMarch]

*The advantage of marketing executives as third party messenger is detailed here. a Deanlurell Enterprise