Do cover the article in full atleast once before start following links Go there to download a free ebook on ENCASH COUPONS, THE FREE MONEY CHALLENGE. Actually published for participant marketing companies and direct selling associates, it contains useful information to build a solid business around coupons.

UpMarch is a multi-dimensional advertisement opportunity that's tightly integrated to a unique network marketing platform. Apart from the coupon system, another marketing dimension our sponsor associate experience and capitalize is multi-level banner ads.
Its FREE and explained in detail in tutorials [last link].
To view a SAMPLE web banner and to see how sponsor's web banner ad is sequentially and effectively revealed, use the following link. This is a basic format for how the sponsor's Insta-Page is unveiled and how the sponsor's multi-level banner ad is displayed. In this format, first, the participant sponsor's ad will be displayed alone for 15 seconds [including loading time] like in a static TV spot then again that ad is presented in the redirected Insta-Page [Sponsor's sales letter page to  promote UpMarch multi-level network].
Almost every networker promote UpMarch online use Insta-Page as their landing page. Sponsor activated prospects too can made to reach this page. Then will use sponsor's Public_Gate_Pass shown in that page to enter UpMarch activearea. System starts tracking that prospect and credit referrer sponsor.
Everyone view, customise its link with own data and use this Insta-Page to promote their network, weather the participant is a sponsor business person or not.

Multi-level banner ad system embedded to the Insta-Page which can be linked trough coupons, will provide excellent exposure to the sponsor's Insta-Page banner.

sponsor's ad appear on spot 1 of Insta-Page and echo again on lower spots even while those joined trough coupons start to build their business and network.
That's tremendous coverage many 'EXPLODING' levels deep.
Tutorials have more on these and more in a simple FAQ sequence. The link to the detailed tutorials/FAQ. a Deanlurell Enterprise