A coupon can have following participants/participation components.

  1. UpMarch.com - Provides this state of the art system. Heavy inputs in research, software developments, marketing surveys etc. become worthwhile when top corporate managers acclaim this as a dynamite system capable to produce explosive results for the participants at all levels. This is facilitated by allowing the participants multiple benefit streams and participation modes.
    Team UpMarch has created this coupon system especially evaluating Indian conditions like online/offline population, job market, current stagnant ad results, long and big turnover cycle etc.
    UpMarch also offers a flat Rs.50 pay back for participating coupon customers.
    Example: For a Coupon sold for Rs.30, UpMarch redeem Rs.50 back. (*along with pay cheque earned as UpMarch media associate).
    This Rs.50 back offer, which is higher than what customers pay for the coupon. Presented along with other notable benefits like opportunity to participate in the "0" join fee UpMarch business opportunity etc. Even fresh executives sell coupons like hot cakes.
    UpMarch has integrated extensive reporting for all the participants.

  2. Sponsor - This sponsor is different from what normally understand in a network marketing context. Here business owners 'sponsor' coupon marketing expenses. This helps a faster turnaround and could also help to raise targeted charity fund faster. Sponsor actually only need to invest in own business propagation like in some classifieds, provide basic own/rented accommodation for marketing executives if needed etc. of course with a mind set to help the under privileged.

    A sponsor can set to receive 10 -15% of coupon's sale value.
    So, even on a prudent estimation*... say, 20 executives selling 30 coupons each per day means.. an estimated (direct - daily) credit of Rs.2400 to 4200/- for the sponsor.
    AND... since each coupon could be embedded with sponsor's UpMarch Public_Gate_Pass, possible auto build-up of sponsor's network and related chunk of multi-level income is extra.
    Again, since each coupon is also embedded with sponsor's discount offer, resultant shop traffic is a bonus! 
    Then again... sponsor opt to add charity to share the proceeds, this is noted on each coupon, happiness & goodwill generated is tremendous!

    Yes, since this is 'SPONSORING', its a better public relation exercise than simply advertising own business directly.

  3. Non-Profit - Any charity/npo can set to receive a part of coupon sale proceeds, like say... Rs. 2+ per coupon sold.
    For charities and non profits, this is free but steady stream of useful support money. For the sponsor business, An opportunity to fulfill social commitment without stretching own resources or even botheration.
  4. Marketing Executive - The backbone of coupon marketing, with proper motivation and training, estimated* to push 60 - 75 coupons or more daily. With excellent commission offer [~ 15 - ~ 40% + xtra offers] and future team leader positions, [Yes, executives can bring in new executives to market more coupons and receive a percentage of their sales too, most are likely to stay and succeed.] + Opportunity to build a network passively and expand more by managing real world business, executives would understand UpMarch in its true light and build solid careers up on.
    Literally 100s of executives can be appointed for a single campaign.

  5. Customers - For those customers who buy Encash coupons, its a good bargain. Because of
    [1] A 'higher than what paid for' redemption offer.
    [Rs.50/- redeemed by UpMarch, for a Rs.30/- coupon, good 'sell' point]

    [2] Many discounts from sponsor business.
    [Multiple coupon offers/coupon sold, more offers, more attraction]

    [3] A business opportunity without any member fee. Unlike other networks.
    [Will find more takers, Practically a '0' invest opportunity for coupon buyer]


coupons are easy to sell even for basic untrained sales personals, its much easier and worthwhile to promote for the average participant executive working especially on pay per performance basis. Thus, it forms a good PR interface for the participant sponsor.

Coupons are also marketable trough established DSA channels which already have thousands of active executives all across India, spreading the sponsor news much faster.

Do follow this link to cover sponsor report engine and to freely register as a sponsor.

* Estimations are to out line the process only. It neither indicates sponsor earn that much nor only that much.


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