Sponsor's Business Advantage participation step by step.

  • To join UpMarch. [Simple, purchase world classics worth atleast Rs. 500/+ (Just a basic filter, no registration fee or join/membership fee to pay). Once orders processed,  you are ready to register as media associate.. In the same form also create a Public_gate_Pass which help the 'auto build' of the network.
    That's it, the core media associate account is ready

  • Join as sponsor [registration links here].
    Also send an email to detailing the planned ad investment.
    Information on 'MARKED' commitment will help.

How things get unveiled for the sponsor:

  • Allocate a small fund for popular 'WANTED' ads in local dailies and for the marketing executive's basic accommodations.
    : 100's of young ones actively market coupons embedded with
    [1] Sponsor's ad, This could be a sponsor's discount offer[s]. 
    [2] UpMarch cash redeem secret code [A high cash redeem offer].
    [3] Direct pass or email link to access Sponsor's Public_gate pass.
    [4] A coupon batch code. For error free data entry of coupon sales.

  • Ok.. All the coupon buyers will notice sponsor's discount offers and UpMarch EnCash offer... so, most will keep the card safe for immediate or later use. Many among them will visit sponsor's place next time. Simply stamp the ad part 'used' or 'closed' to ensure one time use, or stamp it 'Only 5% next time :))'... as a better customer retention strategy.

  • Businesses make excellent 'pre-profit' from the sale of the coupon itself! All extras like traffic to shop, better customer retention, UpMarch multi-level banner ad exposure, UpMarch network income etc. are bonuses sponsors would love and find useful.

  • There is no brand dilution for sponsor as from buyer's perspective, 'Coupon sale' is by somebody from UpMarch and the sponsor business just happened to have an 'ad' in that Encash coupon they bought. Sponsor coupon is a pleasant surprise tucked-in. The executive would have already introduced the associate's business and conveyed the 'thankfulness' for the associate being the sponsor. This add that third party opinion value to word-of mouth info about sponsor.
    Executives may presented it other way also, its sponsor's discretion.

  • So what's next... coupon customers submit the pass collected trough coupons at UpMarch.com to access 'activearea'. System tracks in real time, automatically. For every processed purchase, referrer sponsor will be credited 20%. More commission awaits at different wider & explosive lower level site sales.
    Sponsor also make excellent income from coupon sales.
    Site sale calculations also are done automatically without human intervention
    Even offline coupon sale data entry is auto monitored with a group coding system. Calculations and share allocations done automatically.

  • Extensive reporting is included. Report on site sale, commission etc. are accessible 24/7 from the media associate control panel. Separate login available to access reports on sponsorships in coupon marketing.

  • UpMarch Coupons open up additional income streams. It has sponsor's gate pass or embedded Insta-Page link ... This result in networking without any additional marketing effort by sponsor to promote the MLM business part. Actually, in discreet mode, coupon customers won't even know that they are about to be sponsor's downline. That's celebrity networking, an option celebrities or high profile business leaders can use if they like to maintain their privacy.

Once things are set in motion, its as simple as 1-2-3. Actually the only payment sponsor directly make to UpMarch is that small filter amount [just Rs.500] invested in to purchase classics like that of Shakespeare's.

Now you know why UpMarch is different.
It supports network mass marketing, which usually develops on a one-on-one basis, the biggest networking bottleneck, the main reason why network marketing companies has to price their products too high.
On contrary, UpMarch ad system supports Brick-N-Mortar businesses to be marketed on a one-on-one basis, which facilitate to reap benefits from the best form of advertising man kind has ever known, 'word of mouth' advertising. The best way to motivate a prospect. All this while businesses usually has not much option to expand than try mass marketing!

Our team is ready to guide trough the whole process, and extend support in creating ads, banners, supply coupons, finding accommodations, conduct interviews, deal with marketing executives....


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